Top 10 Korean Beauty and Skincare Faves


Merry Christmas dear readers!

Since it's the season of sharing, I've rounded up my top 10 Korean Beauty and Skincare faves to give you an idea on what you can add up to your current beauty/skincare routine. This can also be a great Christmas gift idea to your girl friends and loved ones who's into K-Beauty or any "kikay"-related stuff.

So here's my top 10 faves, all of these are bought via Althea Korea's website:

1. MISSHA Perfect Cover BB Cream

Price: P560 - Size: 50ml

Top 1 on my list is this bad boy right here! I'm frustrated I just discovered this gem this year -- this has been a life saver for me. Before using Missha's BB Cream, I use foundation almost everyday - my skin took a toll because of that, I started to have acne breakouts on my cheeks. This has become an HG product for me because it's buildable to light until full coverage, gives that healthy glow on the face and it's very comfortable to wear throughout the day. My everyday natural make-up has been on its best ever since I started using this - no wonder this BB cream is loved by many!

2. THE SAEM Cover Perfection Tip Concealer

Price: P200 - Size: 6.5g

The Seam Perfect Cover Tip Concealer together with the Missha BB Cream is a match made in heaven! I use this concealer for my stubborn dark spots and my under eye dark circles. This blends like a dream and I noticed minimal creases compared to the other concealers I use. It has a pigmented coverage, lasts all day and easy to carry for touch-ups. And the best part is - it's so cheap! I so love this that I already have a back-up on my stash in case my I ran out with my current tube (haha!).

3. TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL Art Class by Rodin Shader

Price: P640 - Size: 9.5g

You know your girl right here loves the power of contour, so this of course gets a spot on my list! The Art Class by Rodin Shader has three shades of contour to choose from which you can mix to achieve that chizeled face. It contains fine pigments for a natural clean finish look. The undertone of this shader is just perfect to give the most natural-looking 'shadow' for that slimmer face we're all aiming for. This is also perfect for make-up beginners who would like to practice their skills for contouring - the color selection on this pan is not too shocking that you can build it based on your preference. Girl,  believe me when I tell you that contouring will change your life. Hahaha!

4. TOUCH IN SOL No Poreblem Primer

Price: P540 - Size: 30ml

All I can say is that THIS PRIMER PERFORMS! For me, this is already cheap considering it's size. Because of the price point, I actually did not expect too much from this product.... but it has proven me wrong. The packaging is not cheap at all - it comes in a frosted glass bottle with a pump which is a big plus for me! It minimizes big pores and uneven texture to achieve a flawless and glowing base. This made my make-up routine a lot easier!

5. HEIMISH All Clean Balm

Price: P840 - Size: 120ml

After a long day, I always look forward to removing my make-up and this gem right here has made it easier for me. I always find it hard to remove my waterproof mascara but with Heimish All Clean Balm it's as if it's effortless to remove it. The balm emulsifies once it has made contact to the skin and  it just melts all the make-up I use throughout the day. The best part is - it leaves the skin feeling soft, hydrated and supple. <3

6. PYUNKANG YUL Essence Toner

Price: P540 - Size: 100ml

Double purpose products are my thing because it's more economical and it helps shorten my skincare routine - this is what I love about Pyunkang Yul Essence Toner! Not only it balances my skin's pH level, it also revitalizes dull and dry skin and enhances skin protection resulting in effective and healthy skincare. I use this as my second layer of toning and I'm loving it ever since!

Price: P1,520 - Size: 150ml

This big beautiful bottle right here is Missha's best-selling The First Treatment Essence. On days I need a little "uhmp" on my skincare routine I change my toners with this one. It's lightweight, quick absorbing essence made with Himalayan purple barley extracts. This leaves my skin bright and glowing on mornings after I use it at night. I also love how this comes in a very sturdy glass bottle as if it's a high-end product. :)

Price: P480 - Size: 55ml

Althea Petal Velvet Sunaway changed my view on sunscreens! I can easily add make up on top of this since it's super lightweight, absorbs quickly to the skin, and gives a velvety finish which can pass as a primer before doing my everyday make up. More importantly, this also provides a high sun protection (SPF50+, PA++++)

These two products are such a live saver too! The Aloe Vera Gel Mist (Price: P260 - Size: 150ml) serves as my setting spray to blend and let the powder and cream make up sink into my skin. This gives me the most natural finish I'm all about nowadays.

The COSRX Acne Pimple (Price: P190 - Size: 24ea)  won't need any justification of why I love them! If you follow me on Instagram, I would usually share this on my IG Stories - this is a total bomb! As much as I would like my zit to be covered by makeup it's not advisable to do so since it further clogs up the dirt inside. I put this on when I have that nasty zit that just popped. What these patches do is that it draws out impurities and bacteria form the wound to promote healing. These patches can work miracles! Haha!

That it! I hope you find this helpful! Have you tired some of these products before? Or what products are you eyeing to purchase? Let me know on the comment section below!


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