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You've probably heard about Althea Korea but in case not, Althea is a online retail site which carries our favourite Korean brands for skin care, make-up, and beauty essentials. It is the most trusted source of all things K-Beauty, offering the lowest prices and shipped directly from Korea.

I have been a great fan of Althea to the point that I have a total of around 3 completed orders from the site and I have their app installed on my phone. I'm a certified K-Beauty addict. Haha! What I love about Althea is the guarantee that you will get an authentic Korean product. The best part is they offer the best prices because they work directly with the brands with no middle men involved - I can honestly say that they have great discounts compared to retailers I see on other sites. More so, they ship straight from Korea - the package is delivered straight to your address without other taxes and customs fees.

For orders here in the Philippines, shipping usually takes around 3 to 5 days but the wait is worth it because you will receive this cute pink package as shown above. They take their packaging seriously and they make sure the products won't slip, spill or be damaged. Inside the pink pouch is their sturdy signature baby pink box and once you open the box, each ordered product is wrapped and sealed inside bubble wraps. *plus points for me* 

If you're following me on Instagram, I've already shared that I have been chosen as an Althea Angel - which is essentially Althea's beauty ambassador for all K-Beauty awesomeness that they have to offer! I was so giddy when they announced this and even happier when the welcome gift arrived. So here I am, sharing what I received inside my welcome gift: a make-up pouch, a cute handy mirror, a tote bag and an exclusive first try to their newest product - the Real Fresh Skin Detoxer.

Launched just this August, the Real Fresh Skin Detoxer is an Althea-exclusive product in collaboration with Get It Beauty. Get It Beauty is Korea's no. 1 beauty TV show, which introduces new trends and provides resourceful information relating to beauty. These two brands created a new beauty ritual that will make our skincare routine hassle-free. Created to suit the hectic schedules of modern urbanities, the Real Fresh Skin Detoxer harnesses the goodness of nature and translates that into freshness and vitality for the skin.

What is the Real Fresh Skin Detoxer you ask?  It's an easy-to-use 10-second wash-off mask perfectly made for people like me and you who sometimes are too lazy to complete their whole skincare routine. You can get a full mask effect for only 10 seconds! Crazy right?

Treat it like a gentle mask pack for your skin. It's super simple! How to use it?

1. Strip off any makeup left and let your skin dry.
2. Apply a generous layer of the Real Fresh Skin Detoxer to your face and let it sit for 10 seconds.
3. Wet your palms and gently massage your face. The water from your palms will mix with the product and cause it to bubble up a little like a facial cleanser.

The Real Fresh Skin Detoxer comes in two variants: the Rose which is recommended for morning routine and the Green Tea which is for the night routine.

A rose-infused facial mask that would suit your morning routine to strip away dirt accumulated overnight to reveal a healthy glowing skin. This contains real premium May Rose petals, which is hand-picked once in a year during May from Grasse, Southern France.

Claims: Premium May Rose helps balance out the skin's pH. It helps moisturize and gives the skin a rosy radiant glow with rich mineral component. The real rose petal pieces in the product help to purify and improve blood circulation, ensuring the skin stays revitalised, supple and bright.

Packaging: Comes in 150ml tube
Shelf life: 12 months
Product feel: Gel cleanser with visible rose petals. The petals is not abrasive to the skin, it simply disappears when you rub the product. It lathers up into a bubbly foam as the rose fragrance lingers into your skin.

Infused with purifying green tea extract, it helps to soothe and refresh tired skin after a long day outdoors. It contains the very first born baby green tea leaves from prestige Jeju green tea plantation.

Claims: This relieves and purifies the sensitive skin. It also contains an abundance of Catechin which has 5 times more vitamin C than the lemon does, making them excellent at protecting the skin from UV damage. Juju green tea powder relives the stressed skin real fast by controlling the sebum and purifying the dust on skin.

Packaging: Comes in 150ml tube
Shelf life: 12 months
Product feel: Gel cleanser with visible green tea leaves. Same with the rose variant, the green tea leaves are not abrasive. It becomes foam as you rub it in but unlike the other variant, the green tea scent is not too obvious on this one.

Honest verdict: These are a GREAT BUY!

Been using these for about two weeks now and they didn't break me out or left my skin feeling dry. I love how they work as a two-in-one product: as a cleanser and as a mask. This is much helpful for days that I just need to get rid of my make-up after a long day of being in front of my laptop screen. They just make my skincare routing that easy!

Their claims in moisturising the skin are true as they leave my face supple with every use. They are also good in removing make-up and making me feel refreshed (especially with the green tea variant). Though I haven't seen any changes with my skin's sebum production, I still think it does it magic in getting rid of all the gunk on my face. These are a thumbs up for me. :)

As a launching promo, you may get these two products as a set with 10% discount at the Althea site.  You may also check their wide array of K-Beauty brands to complete your Korean skincare routine. :)

Let me know on the comment box below you most fave Korean product!


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