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Who's guilty of having a sweet tooth? I surely am! But coming from a family who has history of diabetes, I have come to the phase where I've been conscious about my health. No one's getting any younger and as they say "Prevention is better than cure."
Eliminating sugar on your daily diet goes a long way of imroving your health. Sugar decreases immunity, depletes magnesium, decreases sustained energy levels, increases acidity and it makes us crave for even more sugar. The best way to cut on the sugar is not buying sugar-free products with artificial sweeteners, but rather choose a healthier alternative like the Sweet & Fit Stevia.

Sweet & Fit Stevia is made from 100% locally and organically grown Stevia Plant extract. It's an all-natural sweetener that has no calories, no carbohydrates, no cholesterol, no sodium and no fats. Hearing about stevia's health benefits, our family slowly incorporated Sweet & Fit Stevia on our daily diet. We use it in hot and cold drinks, desserts, bread and pastries, even in cooking savory dishes.

The good part? It goes best with food which has natural flavors. It pairs well with coffee, tea, juices, oats, cakes and pastries, polvoron, chocolate and a whole lot more. The better part? For every 6 tablespoon of sugar you need 1 tablespoon of Sweet & Fit Stevia. You may add or put less according to taste. The best part? It has zero calories which makes Sweet & Fit Stevia perfect for diabetics, weight watchers and anyone who wants to cut down on unnecessary sugar and calories.
If you are also planning to cut on sugar, give Sweet & Fit Stevia a try! With the heavy toll our body gets from different aggressors, health always comes first! Sweet & Fit is available in Mercury Drugstores and leading supermarkets nationwide.

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