Nico Bolzico: Is he the One?!

While scrolling through my Instagram feed, I came across Nico Bolzico's post above. What caught my attention wasn't the funny caption, nor Nico's full-packed abs, but that tube of Lay's Stax which is casually placed on Nico's legs. It's as if he's pitching to become Lay's new endorser!

Well, if he really wants to endorse Lay's just like Leo Messi, he needs to prove that he can be the man for Lay's Philippines!

To help Lay's make the right decision on this, here are some receipts to prove that #ElBolzico can be the man of many flavors:
He is famous for his pranks which can get so intense! Did you saw his video of pranking Solenn with a hairdryer filled with powder? Well I did and I laughed so hard because of Solenn's face. Hahaha!

He also posts funny videos and photos of his loved ones, just like what he did on his posts above with Anne and Erwan. Who can even think of this jokes?! Only the GREAT BOLZICO!
Even with his "super makulit" attitude, he is also "super cheesy"with the love of his life - Solenn. He always post about how can a multi-talented, beautiful and sexy girl married him - which I think shows how grateful he is for Solenn.
And lastly, he is so sassy! He is bold and cool! Just stalk his Instagram profile and you'll never find one boring post at all. Even his hashtags are so "havey" - and admit it, you also read the caption until the last hashtag. Hahaha!

Bonus point to consider: He is the father of the cutest and very famous Potato the turtle. Since Lay's is made from the real potatoes, Lay's + Patato is a match made in heaven. Hahaha!

With the reasons presented, I rest my case. Lay's is all about great and different flavors. So with the different faces Nico has, it's an easy choice. Good luck, el Bolzico!

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