Girl Boss

I'm on my mid-twenties now and that makes me an official Tita. Being a 'Tita' means having a different set of priorities as I had during my teen years. The 'Tita' in me would rather spend a coffee date on Friday night rather than being in a club. I would frequently shop for home decors rather than clothes and would definitely book a plane ticket than spending my money on a new phone. The list goes on but one of the noticeable change is my preference in clothing.
Back in college days, I would usually wear a striking and complicated outfit - complete with all the accessories and heels. Don't get me wrong I still do, but now I only wear them on special occasions or formal office events. The 'Tita' in me would definitely choose the uncomplicated and comfortable everyday outfit. My closet is now more into the classic and basic pieces which I can easily mix and match. I stock up on black and white outfits and basic shirts and bottoms.

One of my fave items is a statement tee. A wardrobe staple that gives comfort without sacrificing style. I like to pair it with a skirt and add a coat for a formal office look or just pair it with denim shorts for a weekend stroll. A statement tee is very versatile that it's impossible that you cannot work with it. 💕
More than its versatility, I'm digging shirts that really has says a 'STATEMENT.' My favorite from my collection so far is this "Girl Boss" tee from 😍 I love it not only it's a striking yellow but the brand itself stands for women empowerment. Their designs are unique and the statements are just on point! Go give them a follow on Instagram and you won't regret it hunnie!

Here's a few outfit shots Mike took when we had lunch last week. Enjoy! 💕

Outfit: 'Girl Boss' statement tee,; denim shorts, thrifted; hoop earrings: Style Hub Boutique

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