Calling out all '90s kids and fans! This year's Make Your Own Havaianas is all about the funky, playful, and colorful millennia that we all love! Talk about being nostalgic to the days we went gaga over Jolina that even her fashion sense is our ultimate #goals. Who remembers owning those butterfly hair clips that Jolina was famous for? We surely had a ton of those.

Last May 19, we were invited for an exclusive look at the #MYOH2017, and boy it's as if we stepped into a time machine that brought us back to the '90s! It's the total #FlashbackFriday - just look at the venue set-up complete with our favorite snacks and treats (yay for MikMik and HawHaw). The photo booth was decorated with the '90s icons and let's not forget the family computer where we enjoyed our all-time favorite arcade games. Of course, the highlight of the event is designing our very own Havaianas flip-flop, I went with a classic nude slippers that I can pair to any outfit. It was super fun and I really had a great time!

You can also create your funkiest combinations of soles, straps, and pins at All Flip-Flops SM City Naga on May 25 to 28, 2017. There will be a lot of styles to choose from - I heard there would be glow in the dark straps and 3D printed pins! Exciting!

To help you out, here are the three easy steps to create your own Havaianas:

See you there Havianaticos! Be sure to bring your creativity and revive the '90s kid in you!

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