Life at 23

To take a breather from the usual food, event, and travel posts, here's something I missed doing here on the blog - connecting with myself. Haha! How weird is that? Well, self-checking is one of the things I find helpful to keep my sanity in place! 🙂

I just turned 23 last September and with 2016 drawing to a close, these are the days we realize how time flies so FAST - I know you can relate to that! It's another year wiser for me so I would be sharing with you five little hacks I learned along the way:


1. Save
I know this is hard especially when temptations are everywhere. What I do is ask myself if I really need the item I'm planning to buy and if it veers towards a "NO" then I brush it off my mind right away. I also make sure that I portion my income before payday rolls in. That way, my mind is fixed on how much I have to spend on food, rent, travel/savings, and allowance. Saving has been my special talent since like forever! My family and close friends can attest to that. Yep, I'm kuripot and I don't mind being one. Hahaha!

2. Know your worth
 This is the best lesson I learned and the best advice I give to others. You are a precious gem - you deserve something great, do not settle on people/job/things that make you feel less of who you really are.
3. Say "No"
We are naturally people-pleasers that it's easy for us to say "yes" all the time without thinking what we said "yes" to. These kind of situations may be problematic and tricky - I bet you know what I mean here. Haha! The art of saying "no" is a powerful skill. Your life would be so much easier if you carefully choose which situations to take or to decline. Just be true to yourself and know your boundaries. By saying no to people, activities, and engagements that don't help you nor you enjoy, you open up the space necessary for things you will genuinely cherish. 

4. Keep your circle small
When you reach your twenties, you'll realize that the smaller your friendship circle is, the better. You don't need plenty of your so-called "friends" to feel validated or important. Those who remain by your side, despite distance and differences, will be your closest friends.

5. Give zero f*cks
Cut off the negativity and the drama off your life by choosing your battles. Trivial things do not deserve too much attention and energy. 🙂
That's it, hope you like my little list! Share yours on the comment box below.
 Happy Holidays everyone!

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