My daily routine would start by having coffee for breakfast (which would probably take three hours because I also check my social media accounts, coffee all cooled down) and then finally preparing for work. Once at the office, I answer emails and do the usual recruitment tasks until 7 or 8 pm. I'd go home and seldom take my dinner coz I'm too lazy to be out alone. I would be in bed watching my current favorite series or just goof off online until I pass out. That's my life lately - social media, work, and social media again.
Why am I telling you this? I can bet my bottom dollar your routine is similar to mine in one way or another. Perhaps 50% (or more) of it is spent browsing on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, whatnot.

The online world is such a powerful place - you can speak your mind, pretend to be someone else, or even influence others (either good or bad) whether or not you intend to do so. Recently, I shared a post on Facebook about the move made by Essena O'Neill. If you're not familiar with this, Essena is an online celebrity who deleted all of her IG photos and edited some of the captions showing the true story behind each post. She claimed that social media is a lie.
We can't truly say that what we post online are 100% true much as we can't say that they're all lies. One thing's for sure, our view and the way we harness social media are purely dependent on our own will. Allowing oneself to be pressured by the standards of social media is your own choice; living a life of false realities is something you will to happen. As I have said, it all boils down to how deeply you know yourself.
Finding one's self is a constant journey - you can't google that and have it overnight. ALWAYS have a bright perspective in life and you'll be surprised at how things will subsequently fall into place.
Since we're talking about the online world, I would like to invite you for our upcoming event in Albay. Join us in the #AlbayOnlineFest2015 as we talk about the proper use of social media this November 14. You may register here!

What I'm wearing: romper, Falsina; denim cover-up, thrifted; cap, Forever 21; sneaks, H&M
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  1. Youths now are kinda naive and not so responsible on how they manage their social media. Albay Online Fest 2015 is a great way to share awareness with them. Good luck I hope many will come.
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  2. I made a similar point on a recent post as well! Social media is absolutely what you make of it. It doesn't have to be "fake", as Essena mentioned, and it surely shouldn't take away from genuine experience. We control it, so we can use it for the best!


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  3. I don't really think that everything we see on social media is necessarily a lie. I mean, sure, we do add some things we usually wouldn't to make our IG photos look better, but we still upload a whole lot of genuine photos. Everything we upload is up to us and we have full control of it. I admit that I'm a complete and utter social media addict and I feel no shame about that even if someone decides to criticize me, because I post what I wanna post, what I feel comfortable posting and I control it one hundred percent.


  4. Every once in a while I do get the same vibe as Essena O'Neill and just GTFO of social media. Everytime though, I get to realize there is so much good it can do if it is just used with purpose and passion. I see a lot of people doing great things with it and I would like to contribute.

    Pretty photos. I initially thought this was a fashion post. I'm glad I read on, hehe. Cheers! Keep writing! :D

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