Poppin' at 22

Cheers to the twenty two years! Yeah. I'm getting old, but life starts at your twenties and I'm beginning to understand why. There have been so many changes over the past twenty two years and there will be more to come - so here's to the rest of the years that I will be celebrating!
Let me take this chance to thank my family for always being there, my friends who would accept my kaartehan and straightforward comments, my man who always relieves my stress at work, and of course to God for giving me so many blessings that I sometimes forget to be happy about.
Thank you also to every single one of our readers who really takes time to read our posts; this blog has been my outlet and I sometimes wonder how I manage to juggle blogging and work. Thank you so much for the support!
I appreciate every greeting on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter! Thank you very much! And since it's my birthday, I have a gift for everyone - win a Havaianas pair by joining our contest here.
This lovely ensemble is just perfect for this birthday post. Thanks to Tela for my top and Bonita Y Elegante for my skirt!

What I'm wearing: top,Tela; skirt, Bonita Y Elegante; flats, Parisian; rose gold watch, Casio
Credits toEli Arcefor the photos.

 photo Signature_Didi_zpswfablnrx.jpg

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