How liberating it is to wear loose-fitting clothes on a sunny day! It's a major plus that these shift dresses give that effortlessly chic vibe without compromising comfort. We've been big fans of the minimalist classy style and it's such a delight that we found this fetching online shop on Instagram, Tela.
At first glance, their pretty clothing will give you the impression that you'll impulsively splurge yet again...but once in a while, you end up gaping at the simplest things - Tela's one of them.
These photos are part of the sets we had from our collab with Eli as mentioned in this previous blog post. It's been quite a while since we had our last blog shoot together that we had to brush up on our 'double-posing' skills. Thanks to Eli who's been really cool and professional things went smoothly!
These Tela pieces are now considered favorites! You can take these from a day to night ensemble with no sweat, literally and figuratively!
If you're always after class and comfort, Tela is definitely your go-to online shop! We have a few more sets to post featuring this shop but in the meantime, follow them on Instagram HERE.

On Didi: shift dress,Tela; gold-capped flats, Parisian; layered necklace, Pretty Little Blings
On Joyce: shift dress,Tela; sling bag, Forever 21; kitten heels, Rusty Lopez
Credits toEli Arcefor the photos.
 photo Signature_JoyceampDidi_zps5png4znz.jpg

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  1. love the flats with gold or chorme tip .....omg my three cousins are looking for something like this .. are they still available do you know ?


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