There's something about vintage dresses that I love so much. Wearing them feels like time traveling to an era where I'm supposed to be born in. Take for instance this purple dress that I got from a thrift store, the moment I saw it, I knew it would look good on me. As you all know by now, me and my sister are such suckers for classic pieces.

These photos were taken a few months back (oh, make that a year). A total backlog - the duration of this being on my drafts makes it safe to say that it adds up to the vintage feel! Haha! These were taken during my visit in Manila for my Psychometrician board exam. I met up (for the first time) with my longtime online friend, Eli Arce. It's amazing how our social media sites become a microcosm to meet new friends and discover talents such as Eli.
Our love for our respective fields made us decide to push through with the shoot despite of my busy schedule and Eli having to travel all the way from Laguna. Well, it was a fun and productive first meeting! Since this is not a "first and last" drama, Tete and I recently collaborated with Eli and more photos will be posted on the blog soon so watch out!

How do you find this post? I'd like to here from you guys - comment down below!
Credits toEli Arcefor the photos.
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