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Time has a funny way of changing things. And by "funny", we inwardly mean "tough". It's not unbeknownst to people who know us personally that our relationship as sisters is like no other. Life has gotten in the way and we had our own separate careers; it was hard being distant from each other for the first time and it still is. This distance needs a lot of getting used to and many adjustments to deal with, Frances and Flair being one of them. To our readers who stuck around, we thank you for everything...wait why does this sound like a farewell post? Haha. Time has a funny way of changing things, yes, but it's all about perspective. It's all about keeping up and embracing the changes. Finally having our own domain is something we're truly happy about! We turned three last June 8 and we're so stoked for this comeback post as a duo! 
We spent three unforgettable days in Calaguas Island, Camarines Norte last month. It's such a beautiful place with the most wonderful people (and writing this right now makes us wanna go teleport in our bikinis)! These photos were taken on our second day and should you ask why we didn't document our two other days there, it's because we're too caught up in the beauty of the place that holding a camera and posing our butts off are on the bottom of our list.
The island's powdery white sand and the crystal clear waters are hints of paradise on earth and we're not exaggerating! You guys should go and see for yourself! Here's some helpful tips for your Calaguas trip:
1. Gear up yourself for long travels. We travelled by air from Manila to Legazpi airport (air fare was on a discount booked months before the trip) but if you're going by land, the bus trip from Manila to Daet, Camarines Norte may take 6-8 hours. From Daet, you’ll take a 15-minute jeepney ride to either Paracale or Vinzons port then off you go for a two-hour boat ride...
2. Get ready to be wet and wild. And no, we're not talking about the hipster #Laboracay partying. The boat ride's gonna be pretty scary coz of the untamed waves and you'll surely get soaked but there's a 99.9% chance that you'll make it out alive (the 0.01% getting swallowed up by the Pacific Ocean) so just relax and laugh it off. Make sure you have your bags wrapped in plastic - our travelling agency had it covered but if you're going on a DIY adventure, large garbage bags would come in handy.
3. If possible, go on a weekday. We're the type who prefer solitude at the beach and if you're one too, this is an important tip. Calaguas is breathtakingly beautiful so it's no surprise that it's becoming well-known to many tourists. Weekends here, especially Saturday, mean several docked boats that would obstruct your view and leaving you lesser space to swim in. Good thing we arrived on a Friday and had the beach to ourselves; the next two days were still as great all because of...
4. We were so prepared to rough it and get disconnected. The place has no electricity, fancy facilities, nor network signal. This is the most fitting time to engage in real conversations and not through buttons. Your 'maarte' alter ego should be thrown by the wayside. Trust us, it will be such a memorable experience.
We were taken care of by Becool Calaguas Tours and we must say that the experience won't be as amazing without these kindhearted people. They were all so accommodating, they cook the best food, plus they have a mobile bar with unlimited cocktails on our last night, there was nothing more to ask for!

If you plan to visit this paradise, feel free to contact Ms. Mabel Sangco at +639398748687.
 We hope you loved this post as much as we're so delighted to share photos of us together again after quite a while. We'll definitely try to share more of these from time to time.

On Didi: floral cap, Forever 21; swimwear & denim shorts, bazaar; navel ring, Pretty Little Blings
On Joyce: hat, Uniqlo; swimwear, bazaar; bandage skirt, Penshoppe; navel ring, Pretty Little Blings
 photo Signature_JoyceampDidi_zps5png4znz.jpg

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