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When Bicol Bloggers was invited to take part of the familiarization tour organized by the Mercedes' Municipal Tourism Development Operation Center, I made sure I will come. The three-day activity was organized to promote the Belle of the Pacific - the islands of Mercedes Camarines Norte. Together with ABS-CBN Bicol, Manila and Bicol-based bloggers, we experienced the serene beauty of Mercedes.

Mercedes lies along the eastern part of Camarines Norte. The northern part of Mercedes faces the Pacific Ocean, while the eastern part is bound by San Miguel Bay. Its neighboring towns are Daet and Basud, located west of the Municipality.
There is currently no direct flight to the province of Camarines Norte. It is accessible by a 45-minute flight from Manila to Pili airport in Camarines Sur. From the airport, tourists can take a 15-minute drive to Naga City and another 2 hour van ride (van terminal is located beside LCC Mall Sabang) from Naga City to Daet. From there, take a tricycle or jeepney to Mercedes. If you are traveling by land, the best option is to take an 8-hour bus ride from Manila to Daet. From Daet, follow the same steps as aforementioned.

If you are planning to visit and experience the hidden beauty of Mercedes, it's best to get in touch with the MTDOC/Tourism Office at discovermercedes@yahoo.com or call them at (054) 444-1261 for a hassle-free tour around Mercedes' Islands.

You can include in your itinerary the activities below:

1. Try a unique way to dine with Doña Mercedes Floating restaurant while exploring Catandunganon River.
For inquiries & reservations, contact Goodchow Restaurant and Catering Services: (054) 444-1263, (0917) 558-0339, (0920) 553-3452, (0918) 605-6606. 
2.  Visit the 7 Islands of Mercedes: Caringo, Apuao Grande, Apuao Pequeña, Canton, Canimog, Quinapaguian, and Malasugi.
3. Dine with the locals of Caringo Island. 
Try their unique dishes: seaweed gulaman, ginataang Tuhad-Tuhad, sweet and sour Abo in fresh tomato sauce and my fave, ginataang octopus. You can also try snorkeling at the fish sanctuary.
4. Plant mangrove seedlings at Canton Island and have a small trek up the island's hill to enjoy the breathtaking sunset.
5. Enjoy a relaxing stay and some water activities like kayaking and Hobie cat sailing at Apuao Grande Island.
Book your stay at Apuao Grande Residential Houses, Apuao Grande Island, Mercedes, Camarines Norte. Contact them at +63 927 428 3211.
6. Be amazed by the powdery white sand of Apuao Pequeña Island. Enjoy a swim in the crystal clear waters and get yourself a good tan while sitting under the baby pine trees by the shore.
7. Appreciate nature by having a short trek at Apuao Pequeña Island and be amazed with the number of fruit bats around.
8. Visit the 'Secret Surfer's Spot'- a perfect place for soul searching. 
The short trek will lead you up a small hill at Apuao Pequeña. You will see the surreal view of the Pacific Ocean waves crashing by the shore.
9. Take a deep in the shallow waters of Cayucyucan Beach together with your family or friends. You can also have firefly watching or star gazing at night.
 Book your stay at Palms Farm Resort, Brgy. Cayucyucan, Mercedes, Camarines Norte. They offer modern amenities without setting aside the touch of nature. Rooms come with ceiling fans. Family rooms range from P2,000/night with 2 double beds (max 4 people) to P3,000/night for 4 double beds (max 8 people). 

Contact Nos. +63 927 587 1001 +63 917 500 6639 +63 49 545 1683. You can also email them at mariquit915@yahoo.com.
10. Eat healthy. Try the fresh products of the organic farm located at Brgy. Cayucyucan.
I was amazed how they managed to grow lettuce and other herbs here, considering the hot climate.
11. Be adventurous and discover this hidden beauty - Colasi Falls.
To visit Colasi falls, you will go through a one-hour hike on rocky slopes and steep trails. Tip: Wear your rubber shoes and pack your slippers too. Also, get geared up with a bottle of water and protect your gadgets with a waterproof bag. It’s best to coordinate with the local tourism of Mercedes so that everyone will be safe. If you're also planning to have lunch there, locals can prepare packaged meals and picnic lunches as part of the community-based tourism effort.
 12. Take a swim at Hinipaan River.
They have the cheapest fees: Adults 7.00, Children 4.00, Cottage 400 Large, 200 Small; Parking Fee 20.00. In this way, you can help the community too.
13. Take an extended tour around the mainland by staying at Villa Criselda.
  They offer basic and comfortable air-conditions rooms and has a swimming pool. They are located at Brgy. 1, Mercedes, Camarines Norte. You can contact Ms. Gliezel Napili at +63 915 868 4692 or email her at GLIEZEL_42@yahoo.com
Summer never ends at Mercedes! Plan your next beach trip now. (•‿•)

Thank you Tomoka Aono of JICA and the Municipal Local Tourism Development Operation Center (MTDOC) of Mercedes for making us part of the #TakeMetoMercedes Media Tour. You can follow and check out their social media sites below for more details:
Credits to Naga City Deck and LoveKoSiMercedes Facebook Page for some of the photos.
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  1. Awww what a fun experience!!! I hope Cebu would host an opportunity like this for Cebu bloggers as well! Hihi. You must have enjoyed your summer so much this year girls! :) <3



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