#SSSstaycation: Lunch at Mama Eñga

During college and up until now, I live away from my family - meaning no free food or no home-cooked meals. Home-cooked meals are my comfort food. My Papa cooks really really well and when I go home during the weekends, I always look forward to my 'lamon' moments. Haha!

Speaking of 'lamon' moments and home cooking, I would like to introduce to you this humble restaurant that serves uber good meals. During the first day of our #SSSstaycation (which I shared here), Mama Eñga served us lunch. Here, we met the main man behind our major sponsorships, Sir TR. This young man is very engaged, not only with his business, but also to the customers his different businesses cater to. Their family business is solidly strengthened by the ties of the staff and the owners.
Mama Eñga is one of their family-owned restaurants. This modern 'carinderia' type resto will give you a very homey vibe and of course, good food. The food is served 'turo-turo' style so you can immediately have it served. It's like fast food but real food. Sounds great, right?
Their wide variety of meals are very affordable. Favorable to both the taste buds and your pocket. Now ain't that a great deal? (•‿•)
Scroll down below to let your eyes feast:
Laing - P25.00
Dinuguan - P30.00
Lechon Kawali - P80.00
Pinangat 35.00
Adobong Pusit - P75.00
Ginataang Tabagwang in Pako - P30.00
Bopis - P55.00
My favorites would be the Lechon Kawali and Bicol Express combo. It's a match made in heaven! I tell you, their Lechon Kawali literally melts in your mouth right after you feel its crunchiness. Ahhhh heaven! I also love the authentic Bicol delicacies such as the Pinangat, Tabagwang, and Laing. You can't truly say you visited Bicol unless you tried these delicacies.
Hung Ma Bread (mini) - P20.00; Leche Flan - P15.00
To complete your meal with a little sweetness, you can try their yummy Leche Flan. Don't be fooled by its size; it's small yet full of flavors. Thumbs up for this! And, don't forget to try their ever famous Hung Ma bread which is fried bread that's perfect for a quick snack. It's crunchy in the outside, soft and creamy in the inside.

Your eyes have seen it; now don't be unfair to your tummy! Visit Mama Eñga and experience these meals firsthand! This cozy resto is located beside RCBC Bank Centro.
Thank you very much Sir TR for supporting our project!
Photos are from Nick Pahati.
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  1. omg!! this made me crave for some bopis and laing!!! aaahh!! i miss filipino ulam!! :D

    Animated Confessions

  2. all looks delicious. ;)
    kiss from italy.

    If you want come to check it out my new post:

  3. Inggit ako sa food ahh! lechon kawali and dinuguan for the win! Haha :)

    Janine | Lime & Life

  4. Looks like a really cool place to eat and the food looks delicious!


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