#SSSstaycation: Afternoon with Sir Fred and Dinner at Café Frederico

After our heavy lunch at Mama Eñga (which I shared here), we had a short chitchat with Sir Fred. He is one of the most trusted employees of Sir TR's family. He has been part of the history of Crown Hotel starting from its humble beginnings during the 1960s. Starting as 'Asha Hotel' with just 30 rooms, it was renamed as 'Crown Hotel' after 10 years and 50 rooms were added.
For the last 34 years, the establishment stayed strong even if it experienced downfalls as well. The hotel survived the test of time, and it even expanded its business by adding Crown Park, Mama Eñga, Cafe Frederico, and Jazz Bar. At present, the hotel has 39 rooms as some were already converted to function rooms and halls.
Sir Fred has been a witness of how Crown Hotel defied the odds of business. The hotel's homey feel, the strong family ties between the staff and its owners, the connections they built throughout the past, the quality of service they provide to their guests, and the priceless trust they earned are the pillars of Crown Hotel. These things made Crown Hotel what it is now - a landmark of Naga, a home within the city.
Right after our interview with Sir Fred, the organizers of our event decided to have a game. The goal of the game is for us to take a picture of strangers holding our #BicolBloggers #SSSstaycation fan signs. Well, being someone competitive, I went around the city plaza to ask different people to simply be game and smile for a photo. Hahaha! You can just imagine the weird faces people made as I approached them and ask for a photo. Some of our photos can be seen on Bicol Bloggers Blog here.

After our tiring game, we were rewarded another feast for dinner. Our host is Cafe Frederico which is just located at the second floor of the hotel. This cafe serves timeless favorites - dishes that can make your taste buds really happy. Each serving is good for 2 to 3 persons. With the best ingredients put in each dish, their prices are also reasonable:
Green Seafood Soup - P190
Fish Fillet Tofu (Hot Pot) - P210
Pepper Spareribs - P265
Shrimp, Ginger & Onion - P290
Broccoli Beef - P365
I enjoyed the food since most of them are my favorites: broccoli, shrimp, and tofu. Yum! Cafe Frederico is perfect for an afternoon break and an evening affair since you can see the busy street of Naga and enjoy the city lights by its windows.
Thank you very much Sir Fred for accommodating us for the whole afternoon and preparing our sumptuous dinner as well. Watch out for my next post about what happened on the second day!

Photos are from Nick Pahati.
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