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Disclaimer: This is a late post. Remember my Afternoon Tea experience which I shared here? My fun-filled adventure with my co-bloggers didn't stop there. We spent our remaining time to explore Naga a la turista! Being a non-native Nagaueño, I actually was very excited to know the historical stories of the places I usually go to or just pass by.
From Magsaysay Avenue, where Avenue Plaza Hotel is located, we walked under the afternoon sun to our first stop - the Peñafrancia Shrine, which is just located one block away. The said church is the original home of the patron of Bicolandia, Our Lady of Peñafrancia.
After that, we walked on the busy streets of Francia until we reached the Naga Metropolitan Cathedral where these photos were taken. This church is one of the most visited tourist spots here because of its beautiful Baroque design.
The background on the photos are the beautiful walls of the Holy Minor Seminary. These brick walls are my favorite photo spots; vintage and artsy, who wouldn't love that? :)
After taking my outfit posts, we headed straight to Jack's Blue Plate Diner at Palestina Pili to try their mouthwatering pizzas, pastas and pastries. Many customers from the nearby towns, and tourists as well, dine in this pizza paradise.

Folks from Naga can fret no more since they just recently opened their express branch at Panganiban Drive. They have a wide range of menu from snacks, rice toppings, to burgers and of course, pizza. Recently, I got to try the Taco pizza and it's the bomb! Two of my favorites are their unique pizza flavors Tapizzalog and Laing pizza - a must try! Another good news is their Panganiban branch accepts free delivery, they're just one ring away! Order now at 873-0227.

Like Jack's Blue Plate Diner's Facebook Page for more!

PS. Watch out for the next blog posts I will publish. I've been very blessed to be part of a group that unites social media influencers. Can't wait to share with you this project we have! For now, you can like Bicol Bloggers' Facebook page to have a glimpse of what I'm talking about! (•‿•)

What I'm wearing: jersey top, Tee Culture; jeans, Folded and Hung; plaid wrap-around, thrifted 

Photos are from my personal phone, Nick Pahati and Jack's Blue Plate Diner's Facebook Page.

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