Bicol Bloggers' Staycation

In celebration of Soul Searching Soul's blog anniversary, I got invited to be part of the official launching of Bicol Bloggers - a newly formed group of bloggers and online influencers which aims to promote what Bicol has to offer such as local brands, events and of course, us Bicolanos. Through online presence and digital influence, the group wants to "bring the world closer to Bicol." Through the efforts of Ms. Apple Allison of, Nick Astig and Naga City Deck, a two-day event was made possible - a 'staycation' in Naga City. 
First things first, we would like to thank our generous sponsors who made this event successful: Crown Hotel
for our accommodation. Mama Eñga for the sumptuous lunch on our first day. Cafe Frederico for the fine dinner we had. The Park restaurant for our heavy breakfast. MySpa for giving us the well deserved break from stress. And of course, big thanks to the main man of these establishments - Sir TR. Thank you very much for your solid support!
Thank you as well to Bratanella Cupcake
for completing our spa party. Can't wait to share with you guys how cute our cupcake bar was! *cutiepatootie* Haha!

Thumbs up as well to Naga Taxicles
for being our means of transportation during our NagaX challenge; 'twas super fun!
And lastly, hands down to Bigg's Diner
for being our host for the official launching of Bicol Bloggers. A lunch at Bigg's was the perfect way to end our staycation. Thank you very much for believing in local talents and in our passion to blog. We are ever grateful for the continuous support you give to the blogging community! You guys are the best! #harthart
Expect more posts about this. I will be blogging each experience I have to give you a much clearer and detailed story of what happened during our staycation. For now, you can like Bicol Bloggers' Facebook Page
, follow us on IG and Twitter (@BicolBloggers) and visit our blog at to get the latest updates!
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