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I've been MIA on the social media world for quite a while because I've been busy making things happen in my real earthly life. I welcomed myself to the corporate world - Hello BPO! This practically means a lot of stress, adjustments and workload. I'd like to think that I handled it all like a superwoman and exceeded - not just the expectations of others, but also my expectations for myself. 

A few things I've learned: Be thankful, always do your best and stay humble. These experiences and learnings are just the beginning for me; I still have a lot to go through in life - a lot more winning and a whole lot more of losing. Well that's what makes it worth living, right? So bring it on! (^_^)

These photos were taken months ago by my talented and famous friend Nick Pahati. Just take this as a way of making it up to you, our dear readers, for not posting for months. Sorry guys, I hope you forgive me. *puppy eyes* LOL

I've been sharing my OOTDs on my Instagram account, so if you wish to see me on your feed on a regular basis, please do hit the "follow" button. *Maka-promote lang! Haha!* 

Hope you liked the photos! Let me know your thoughts, comment down below! :)

Photography and Postprocessing: Nick Pahati



1 comment:

  1. I missed F&F! Glad you have a new post! Hihi. :> More please!! ^_^
    Looking fab and classy (and tall!!) as always, Didi. :3

    ♡, Jamie of Spotlight on Jamie


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