Wind and Sea

Have you ever experienced something that is totally unplanned or unexpected? This kind of experience might have taken you aback. But you have to admit that sometimes, those spontaneous events can be very exciting and unforgettable. As much as I like things to be always sorted out, I have the tendency to just somehow go with the flow and wing it. I think it's important for a person to know when to plan things beforehand or simply opting to just let it be on the spur of the moment. 
Take for example this shoot that I've done months ago with my blogger friend Jamie and my newfound photographer friend Paul. It's been so long that we wanted this collab but Jamie and I didn't have any idea about the location. We knew it's at a lovely place but it never crossed our mind that we're gonna be risking our blogger lives! Haha! For the love of blogging!
This was taken on an island in Pasacao. I wouldn't go into detail but I tell you, we sacrificed blood and sweat (literally) before reaching our very location. This is by far the most challenging shoot I've done for the blog. But despite all the series of unfortunate events, we felt so relieved and fulfilled with the outcome of the shoot. I mean look at these photos! Aren't they lovely? 
Thank you so much for the magical (bleeding) hands of Paul! Haha! I commend Paul for being  so professional and cool enough to continue with the shoot even after the minor accident he had. 
You see, not all unplanned events turn into chaos. Well there could be some setbacks along the way but don't let these things stop you from achieving your goals. I dare you to experience things outside your comfort zone. Go out and make the best out of life! It's a big world out there and we are young. Might as well take risks and make beautiful memories!
Express your thoughts on the comment box below. And watch out for my second set of photos with THE Paul Echano.
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