These rad photos were taken by our Tumblr famous friend (naks!), Nick Pahati, who's known for his wit and humor but keeps his appearance concealed. There are just few lucky people who personally know his real identity, and we're one of them. Naks, lucky us! Haha! 
After being a speaker for the Tumblr Feb-ibig meet up, which I would be blogging about soon (another three-month backlog), Kuya Nick promised us to have a photoshoot with him. (By the way, he's also a good photographer and an expert in postprocessing. You should check out his blog for his works. I tell you he's amazing!)
Together with my blogger friends and co-speakers, Jamie and Danica, we decided to have a classic color combo of red-black-and-white as our theme. The red lipstick took the attitude up a notch!
I ended with this spontaneous get-up. The sweater I got here is my younger brother's. I snatched it from home coz I have a thing for the tartan print. With just a little bit of creativity (and resourcefulness), it turned out well. I thank the one who invented belts! (•‿•) 
I've always wanted to have a bad*ss-themed photoshoot that's why upon knowing our shoot location, I got so giddy! My outfit plus the location made a perfect combo! Hihi. ☺ 
I love how the postprocessing complemented the edgy vibe of all the elements in the photos. Thanks muchos Kuya Nick!
What do you think guys? Comment below. ☺ 
Photography and Postprocessing: Nick Pahati
 photo Signature_Didi_zpswfablnrx.jpg

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