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Who on earth will choose to wear filthy-looking clothes? We are what we wear and being neat entails donning clothes that are well taken care of. Doing the laundry is tricky because one wrong move could turn your white clothes into a splash of rainbow colors and no, it's not always the desired effect; for the most part, it could totally turn into a laundry disaster. Not to mention putting the wrong fabric material in the washing machine or spilling too much detergent and bleach would be the horror of all horrors! 
 I know most of us might have this certain difficulty in doing the laundry (count me in). We might have busy schedules at school or work, or we simply don't want to do the chore. Thank heavens for laundry shops! As for me, a student who practically lives in a dormitory that doesn't allow doing the laundry, this is the best solution evah! Haha! Also, I have the tendency to be obsessive compulsive on things that's why I only want the best care for my clothes.
I recently availed the services of Gugu, a newly opened laundry shop along Ateneo Avenue, Naga City, Camarines Sur. I personally went to the shop to pick up my clothes and I was in awe when I saw all these:
 The interior is really pretty! I instantly fell in love with the place because of the pastel-colored walls and the fresh vibe it gives.
Customers like me would definitely feel at home and comfy because of the very welcoming ambiance of the shop.
 You might have the impression now that they have expensive rates because of the shop's interior but, 'na-ah' they DON'T! They have student-friendly rates perfect for someone like me who strictly budgets my weekly allowance (because I'm kuripot like that! Haha). For a minimum of three kilos, the following are their "Wash, Dry and Fold" rates:
Regular Clothes/ Light Materials - Php23.00/kg
Denim Clothes/ Heavy Materials - Php28.00/kg
Towel/ Blanket/ Bedsheet/ Pillow Case - Php30.00/kg
Curtain (Thin or Thick) - Php35.00/kg
Comforter (Thin or Thick) - Php55.00/kg
I was charged Php101.00 for a 4.2kg laundry (equivalent for a week of worn clothes). Not bad at all! Their receipt also includes the number of clothing pieces, tallied per type and description so even the tiniest item would not get lost. Because of this, you are saved from the nightmare of losing your favorite shirt or dress. You are assured that your clothes will not be swapped with other customers. Yay! ❤ 
When it comes to OC people like me, this is the best part! The clothes are perfectly folded like they're touched by delicate hands and without any fuss, you can instantly put them in your closet. Gugu Laundry Shop also uses the right amount of fabric conditioner so that it won't overpower your whole being! Haha! ☺
There are a lot of other laundry shops out there, but why did I choose Gugu? Because it offers FREE PICK-UP AND DELIVERY along Ateneo Avenue, Bagumbayan Sur and Filoville Calauag. Hassle-free indeed! Just contact Ate Fritzie, the owner of the shop, who is so kind and accommodating via these numbers:  0919-9986-615 & 0917-7263-225 or you can just drop off your clothes at their shop located in Apolo Bldg., Ateneo Avenue, Bagumbayan Sur, Naga City (in front of Naga Parochial School). 
P.S. If you decide to avail their services, please tell Ate Fritzie that you heard about them from me. Thanks muchos! (•‿•)
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  1. great blog... i really like the interiors and packing done so neatly.. and you look so cute ..
    follow you via GFC, keep in touch dear


  2. Cute place! And very affordable pa ung price. Must try this out sometime.


  3. i think your shoes is cute dear !


  4. Taraaaaaay! Endorser na rin ng laundry shop! Bet na bet! Haha ♥

    x, Kae Trisha


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