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Fierce, don't you think? Haha! This is what I wore during our school's Job Fair 2014. Several companies went to our school and of course I didn't want to miss the chance to experience the nerve-racking interviews. 
When put into intense situations like this one, apart from grace under pressure, power dressing is the key! Having the right outfit can give people a good first impression and is also an instant confidence booster! My classy-slash-ferocious ensemble is basically what I see myself wearing when I already have a job. I wanna be that classy woman who constantly adds fierceness to the usual three-piece corporate attires. And oh, I utterly, profoundly, heartbreakingly regret that my sister (Tete Joyce) isn't able to blog anymore coz of her terribly busy career life. God, her business outfits are the classy and deadly type too. Fashion never stops though. Her comeback is worth waiting for. ☺
 Who said business attires should be constricted by plain hues of gray, white, and black? Adding prints to the usual basic pieces will always do wonders! Here I combined two of the most trendy prints this year: tartan and houndstooth. Don't you think they match really well?
My friends endlessly teased me that day saying some might mistakenly apply to me and think that I'm the CEO of some prestigious company coz of my outfit. Haha! (•‿•)
What do you think of the whole outfit guys? Comments are loved! ♡
What I'm wearing: tartan printed coat, Koreana; houndstooth top, thrifted; pants, Mango; Hepburn sunnies, Sunnies by Charlie; white and black chain bracelets, Clarissa’s Arm Candies; cylindrical hand bag, Aldo; peep-toe lace heels, Zara
 photo Signature_Didi_zpswfablnrx.jpg

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  1. I super duper love this outfit, Didi! Totally classy & fierce!! You can pull off any classic outfits.
    And I envy your Koreana tartan blazer!!

    xo Jamie of Spotlight on Jamie

  2. Hyped this one because the whole ensemble looks great! Red and prints can be quite tricky but you did such a good job at styling this look. :)

    xx Daphne of

  3. This ensemble might be very tricky, but you pulled this off very well, ate! Aaaahhhh, this is the bomb dot com! And, as always, you look very pretty ☺ /jelly/ Hahaha

    x, Kae Trisha ♥

  4. Fierce indeed, ate Didi. Love the whole ensemble! :)
    XO, RemoTheJerk

  5. This is such a beautiful outfit! How did it not get more hypes? Just hyped it up!

    Trending In Fashion

  6. Great outfit! You look stunning! Would you like to follow each other on GFC, facebook and bloglovin to stay in touch? Let me know, thanks!


  7. You have a lovely blog. Your friends are correct, you sure look great-CEO material.
    Would you care to follow each other? GFC/Bloglovin/G+
    Do leave a comment when you follow and i'll follow you right back.

  8. So fierce!! I love, love, love it! Ang ganda :)
    I especially like that tartan coat <3
    I also paired two similar prints like yours recently.

  9. You look absolutely gorgeous in this ensemble!
    A very smart look with the print-on-print trick.


  10. That's such a gorgeous look! I like the idea of print on print, it brings so much dimension to the outfit and makes it even more interesting. :) I'm loving the colour combos too! You look so elegant. <3

    Take care always, love Christine ~ xo
    Chriissydollxo Blog | BlogLovin' | Twitter

  11. Love that look! Gorgeous colors!
    I just discovered your blog, so glad I did!
    Following you via Bloglovin now! Here is my link if you want to follow me too! ;-)
    Big kiss from Dubai!

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