Fast fact: We love dogs! Our family is very much into dogs and we spoil them like they're our little fluffy babies. My uncle who's a priest adopts dogs and I swear he has this Cesar Millan-like special gift which is really amazing! At home, we have a six year old Maltese named Mela (our Pomeranian named Krunch died a few months ago *sad* ). I hope to have a shoot with my pooch next time. It would be adorable to have her in one of my blog posts. She's such a cutie! (•‿•)
What I love about dogs is their ability to give instant  effortless therapy after a tiring day. Even though they won't tell you stuff explicitly (coz dogs can't talk, duh.) they are very reciprocal to their owner's feelings as compared to other pets. ☺
The outfit I have here is what I chose when A-Fash decided to have a digital print theme. Digital prints are a must-have in any fashionista's closet because they give a vivid statement and it's definitely an eye catcher. Printed tops, just like what I have here, are almost 3D that other people couldn't resist to take a second look. This top is from my sister which she bought from a bazaar in Manila. The perks of having a working sister. Haha! ☺
I balanced the striking top by pairing it with neutral colors of gray and nudes. Say hello to my new Zara babies!!! I have been eyeing this kind of heels for it goes well with everything! I tell you, literally everything! 
Hope you liked the whole outfit! Watch out for my other posts soon. I have several outfit updates still on my drafts. For the meantime, please do like our Facebook page and follow me on Instagram. ❤ 

What I'm wearing: top, bazaar; skirt, thrifted; heels, Zara 
Photography: Jamie Lou Borile
 photo Signature_Didi_zpswfablnrx.jpg

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  1. Like your top it's so quirky didi! ^_^ Lovely outfit!

    xoxo Ate Pam of Style Escapades

  2. Favorite photo is the with Remo! Haha =))

    xx, Jamie of Spotlight on Jamie

  3. Your shoes are gorgeous! Love how you styled a simple top and made it chic. :)

    xx Daphne of

  4. Love the top. Mine is cat-printed one! :)

    Cha of

  5. Such a cute top!!


  6. Hi Pretty! I like your ootd. <3 Your top is so cute.


  7. I love the top and how classy the outfit can be at the same time

    xx lou, of ♥

  8. You are gorgeous Didi:)
    Sweet top:) Following you on gfc+ and bloglovin:)


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