New Home

After days (which felt like years) of editing each post, we welcome you to our new home! We finally moved to Blogspot to give you, our dear readers, a bigger and better Frances and Flair *fireworks*. Moving to another platform takes a lot of time, patience and not to mention strained eyes; but for the love of blogging we took the risks.

Please be aware that this blog is still under construction, so if you plan to back-read, we apologize for some unorganized posts. You might encounter the following:
1. Inconsistency of the photo sizes and resolution. Tumblr has a smaller format for photos and as much as I wanted to change the photo sizes, I can't. It would affect the resolution and pixelated ones ain't pretty at all. I tried to retrieve the original photos and re-upload them yet to no avail. The posts with the bigger photos are the ones I successfully re-uploaded.
2. Layouting problems. We're still on the process of editing the layout so if you see inconsistent alignment of texts and photos, our apologies as well. We'll fix it up as soon as we can, promise.
3. We also got rid of the Lookbook links. We just don't know what happened. Haha! You can simply visit our Lookbook profiles and hype our looks.

Well, that's about it! No worries, there's always room for growth and improvement for everything and our blog is not an exception. Hope you like our new home! Enjoy reading! (•‿•)
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  1. HOORAY!!! Welcome to Blogspot! Dumarami na tayo. Yehey! ☺ Everything on this blog is just perf. ♥

    x, Kae Trisha

  2. Yay! Welcome to the club! Haha. Kung maka-welcome, akala mo beterano. Anyway, I love how this blog's laid out. <3
    XO, RemoTheJerk


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