It’s the last day of 2013, and I intend to give you a perfectly fit year-ender post. Here’s the second set of photos from my shoot with NJ (if you missed the first one, checked it out here) which I really really love! The sun gave a dramatic mood to the photos; hence, the glow. 
2013 was a good year for me and I certainly think 2014 will be much better. Optimism always does wonders. ♥
My new year’s resolution? On top of my list is getting back into shape, just like in these photos. I’m starting to regret my impulsive and excessive eating these past few months. Haha! Diet plus working out will be my first ‘to-do’ activity this 2014 *fingers crossed*.
I won’t end the year without being grateful for all the people who have made my 2013 more meaningful. I don’t wanna sound cheesy but I take immense pleasure in thanking all of you esp our dearest readers! Cheers! ❤
2014, as the book Looking for Alaska puts it, could be “The Great Perhaps”. If you guys are wondering how my Tete Joyce is doing, she’s peachy keen and I’m spending the holidays with her here in Manila. Watch out for a solo blog post from her soon. She’ll surely make it comeback-worthy! Happy New Year everyone! ☺
Hope you like the photos! And by the way, you can follow me on Twitter and Instagram (@francesclaudine)!

What I’m wearing: dainty collared top, thrifted; high waisted shorts, Thrifting Treasures; wedges, Primadonna; earrings, Forever 21; gold bangles, Guess; aztec ring, Kikay’s Kit
 photo Signature_Didi_zpswfablnrx.jpg

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