I know I’ve been sharing with you my thesis journey here in our blog, and I want to share with you another achievement we’ve just made - we’re finally done with our data gathering process! We’re halfway in finishing our paper and I couldn’t be any happier for that! *applause please* Haha!(•‿•)
A-Fash had our first shoot for the second semester and I’m really looking forward to our Wednesday routine. By the way, I met up with a respondent before these photos were taken and notice I still managed to look fresh. Maybe because of the instant freshness my outfit brings and a little help from my make-up kit. Haha! As my Tete (Ate Joyce) would always say, "Uhuh! Freshness of Downy!" :D
I’ve been asked so many times about my daily make-up ritual. Well, I tell you I spend a lot of time in front of the mirror before going out - 30 minutes tops. Not that I’m into artificial beauty but looking good and prepped is a way of how you’ll present yourself to the people you meet, and that makes an impression. Remember this: Cosmetics are made to enhance beauty not to conceal them.
Maybe I could do a separate blog post for my beauty essentials, what do you think guys? Comments are loved!☺
What I’m wearing: top, Thrifting Treasures; floral pants, Aeropostale; flats, Parisian; neon green bracelet, Kikay’s Kitwooden beads bracelet, Rainbow Tropics; watch, Guess
 photo Signature_Didi_zpswfablnrx.jpg

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