Defying Gravity - ACP1 x Bjorn Manila x Ramon Bautista

Guess who’s back in Bicol? The one and only Bjorn Bedayo of
was once again in Ateneo de Naga, last September 12, to share his knowledge
and passion on photography. For those who are not familiar with this wonder guy,
he’s the man behind the biggest street fashion project in the Philippines - KALSADA.
He already visited our school for the said project and we are proud to
say that we’ve become part of it, we even blogged about it here. ☺
Bjorn was one of the chosen speakers during our Alternative Class Program (ACP)
which is offered every semester. Our ACP allows us to choose different topics to
attend to instead of attending our regular classes. I always look forward for this
because we get to meet awesome speakers. This semester’s ACP took it to the
next level - very interesting and star-studded. Just to give you an idea,
Mr. Atom Aurallo, Ms. Ces Drillon, Mr. Erik Salud, Mr. Ramon Bautista
are just some of the invited speakers. 
As I have mentioned earlier Bjorn was the speaker for the photography topic entitled:  
"I Capture Life, I Defy Blurry Shots.” I was not originally registered to this
topic yet I, together with my A-Fash family, entered the talk as special guests (haha).  

Bjorn was also the man behind the photos of SM Youth's current project
#CampusStyle #FashionRadar so he took the chance to document Ateneo de Naga's
fashion culture. Of course we prepared our best for this, so we power dressed!
The first photo above was the one featured on SM Youth together with other fashionable
Ateneans, you can view the album here
After Bjorn’s talk, I attended the afternoon session of Mr. Ramon Bautista’s talk.
I’m not a big fan of him before but his wit and appeal made me admire him in a heartbeat.
Because of too much excitement, I forgot to take my outfit details that day,
so SM Youth’s photo’s the only thing I got. I opted to look weird because  
"The weirder, the better". Haha. What do you think about my mixing
and matching here? I think it’s hippie luxe! (•‿•)
What better way to end that day than a “Bjorn Manila Party”?
Together with A-Fash, and some of my friends, we partied all night long with Bjorn. 
We even bumped into RB who was at the same club! It was a funny and
unforgettable experience. Imagine we’re on the same dance floor with THE Bjorn Manila
and THE Ramon Bautista!!! Another item on my bucket list checked -
‘Go club’n with someone famous!’ (haha).
Thank you so much Bjorn for throwing the party!
Thank you for being a friend, see you again soon! ❤ 

What I'm wearing: head-to-toe thrifted

Photos grabbed from: Reuben Malimban, Tess Mendoza, Pao Barnedo, Abee Silerio, Jamie Lou Borile, Bjorn Manila and SM Youth.
 photo Signature_Didi_zpswfablnrx.jpg

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