There are certain times when I feel like school is taking its toll on me as if it’s a struggle to remain sane on these uneventful days. No matter how difficult things get though, I never forget to take a breather and be my carefree self.
Life is crazy and we need to have a little craziness in us to keep up. By crazy, I mean being able to do what one desires amidst constraints. In my case, I don’t let stress put a standstill to my own happiness. I’m a free spirit and this is one thing Havaianas inspired me to be. 
Veering away away from killer heels and wearing flip-flops once in a while is for me, an instant way of taking a good break.
I’ve read from a fashion article that if you wanna be fabulous, you should never wear flip-flops and that seriously ticked me off. Fashion is always subjective and so whoever wrote that, I’ll prove you wrong. (Fierce! Haha.)
I incorporated the relaxed vibe in this black ensemble by wearing my Havaianas. I’ve been a fan of Havaianas ever since its dawn here in the Philippines. If there’s the classic Manolo Blahnik for shoes, then there’s a timeless Havaianas in the range of flip-flops. Its designs are varied from simple to quirky to customizable, not to mention the quality is praiseworthy! You can view a past post of us wearing Havaianas here .
How do you like my styling here? It’s actually my birthday today, your greetings won’t hurt. Haha. ☺
Be fabulous with flip-flops now with Havaianas and never forget to unwind and pamper yourself. Now opt for the flip-flops and lead a happy life one step at a time. ❤

What I'm wearing: little black dress, Koreana Shop; bow belt, SM Accessories
Credits to Reuben Malimban for taking my photos. 
 photo Signature_Didi_zpswfablnrx.jpg

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