Let’s take a break from the usual styles you see me wearing. What I’m truly proud of is the fact that even though I have my personal style, I still challenge myself to try new ones. Versatility - the key ingredient to keep you dear readers interested.
When A-Fash decided to have “Hip-hop” as our theme, I was very excited because I know I can pull off this style easily. No sweat! I can easily change from the blouse-skirt-heels to the harem bottoms-plus-sneakers type of girl.
I really like wearing snapbacks not just because it’s a lifesaver during bad hair days but because it  also give swag to an outfit. (•‿•)
How do you like my take on hip-hop? Comment away!

P.S. I want to thank those who prayed for me and wished me good luck for my title defense last July 28. Your prayers and sincerity worked because my partner and I received a grade of 97. Yey! That’s something to celebrate about, isn’t it? Thanks guys! ❤

What I'm wearing: leather band, Tomato; neon green  bracelet, Kikay’s Kit; blue skull bracelet, CaLee Shoppe
 photo Signature_Didi_zpswfablnrx.jpg

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