Rock That Body

Unbeknownst to many, I was unattractively skinny back in elementary and high school.
Some even thought I was anorexic but I guess that was just an inevitable ugly duckling phase.
It was in my freshie year in college that I decided to gain weight and have some curves and yes,
I achieved that goal in no time. But then, life is always full of paradoxes. When in the past
a couple of my friends express their dislike on my stick-thin body outright, lately,
I’ve been bombarded with comments on my plumpness which isn’t something new to me. 
I am the type of person who, when really motivated to do so and with the influence
of many factors, gains weight easily and loses it just as fast. Before, I get really affected
with random comments on my body. When I was still staying at a dormitory,
I sometimes intentionally starve myself because just one acerbic joke on my rather
chubby cheeks would make me think that I was fat as Dumbo. Now that I am more
mature, my perspective on things is way better. I picture stark realities and what comes
to mind first is the fact that too many children die of hunger every single day
and that is enough reason not to whine pointlessly about my flabs.
I now fully embrace my body type. I own it and I will flaunt it. If you think skinny
is the definition of beautiful, think again. Think Marilyn Monroe, Kate Upton,
or Jennifer Lawrence. Whichever shape you are in, you simply have to highlight
your assets; transform your flaws to strong points instead. Be proud because after all,
beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and Barbie is nothing but one fake bitch.

What I'm wearing: denim button-down, thrifted; romper (Didi’s), Kamiseta; sandals, FitFlop; earrings, Kikay’s Kit; Audrey Hepburn dogtag, MaPapel
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