It’s too evident that I’m a social butterfly - the type who won’t get left out
when spontaneously invited to random events with random people.
Last July 13, my gorgeous soul sister Agnes summoned me to attend the acquaintance
party of the Ateneo de Naga University Media Studies Society (MSS).
Since life at home has been driving me nuts and I badly wanna be reunited
with my college friends, I said yes right away!  

The theme was Hollywood but because I’m not a student of the MSS
no more (I graduated just last March), I decided to wear something that won’t
go overboard so as not to be a scene-stealer. I didn’t actually have a celebrity in
mind but I guess I still looked Hollywood-worthy! As to the other students who were there,
a couple of them even had their outfits tailor-made and hell yeah, they were all good-looking.
Too bad I failed to bring my camera; I badly wanna take photos of their outfits that time. 
The goal of my outfit was then contradicted when I had my solo performance
and a duet thereafter with the aforementioned one and only Agnes!
Her muse was Katy Perry and I dig her get-up so much! At first glance,
esp. when we are total strangers to a person, we appear ladylike but wait
til you get to see our crazy antics and we will prove you wrong! Haha! 
My second favorite performance that night (ours is my top favorite of course, haha!)
was the dance number of the “Bust It Boys”. It was so entertaining that I had to scream
at the top of my lungs the whole time they were on stage. One of the things I love about MSS
is the array of talents that the students are always ready to show with utmost confidence
and enthusiasm. Seldom do I encounter guys who are men enough to comically shake
some butt in front of an audience. I think they should be called “Bust It Men” instead. ☺
with my good friend Jap who was quite surprised when he saw me :D
with friends Agnes, AJ, Dain and Kat 
with longtime friends/babies Monique and AA
distorted faces with Agnes (again!) and Sid
Just because I don’t have my camera with me doesn’t mean that I’ll just
sit back and mope. All these snapshots are evidences of the silly stuff I did that night
just to be in the frame, from extreme wacky faces to posing on the floor
even with a skimpy dress on! Haha! 
Thanks guys for the fun and unforgettable night! xx

If you guys are to visit Ateneo de Naga University someday, 
make sure you meet some of the MSS people and you’ll surely have a memorable stay. 
We are like no other and our bond is utterly incomparable. Who says you can’t 
establish firm friendships in college? I’m proud that I’m part of this 
family and will always keep coming back to this epic bunch! 

What I'm wearing: bowler hat, borrowed from fellow fashion blogger Yen Borile; shirt dress, Folded and Hung; wooden clogs, thrifted; accessories, Sassy Pink iDesign by JuvyBee
Photos from: Sid Luna, Kat Gonzales, Angel Anne Llanzana, Kristoffer Torres, Joie Villania, Kevin Chavez
 photo Signature_Joyce_zpsyxzjukvc.jpg

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