Preppy Please

Sweet? Yes, definitely. Demure? I doubt it. Haha! Honestly, I don’t see myself
as a demure young lady but ironically, I often get that impression 70% of the time.
I guess it’s because I can be really timid at first but once I’ve established
some sort of comfort and security with a bunch of people, I can be very loud
and buoyant and in extreme cases, my deadpan humor can kill people.
Of course that’s a hyperbole.
 If you guys have already read my younger sister’s most recent post,
then you might be very much aware that we’re facing inevitable circumstances
that brought a couple of changes here in our blog. I will have to get used to this
- rolling solo and talking to you in the singular form of the first person.
Didi will be updating this blog more often because since I am now employed
(not that I’m bragging about it, haha) and my working hours could be unpredictable,
I might not have ample time to take outfit photos and blog right away.
However, I’ll make sure to remind you once in a while that I’m still alive. :D
These photos were taken early in the morning when I was in a groggy state.
I’m never a morning person that’s why usually, at times like this when I have
to go out and get dressed, I wear some brights or any adornment
that could help kickstart my day. 
By the way, in case some of you are wondering, I am still here at home
prepping myself up for my first day of work on July 25. My remaining days here
mean that I could still post some updates before I officially become less visible
in the online world. I hope you guys will miss me because
I sure will miss talking to you. ❤
I was wearing: layered blouses, gift from aunt Mommy Ting; trousers, thrifted; flats, Solemates; Salvatore Ferragamo bag, hand-me-down
 photo Signature_Joyce_zpsyxzjukvc.jpg

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