It’s great to embrace new things and veer away from normalcy once in a while.
Exhibit one: this blog post. As frequently mentioned from our most recent posts,
my Tete (a sobriquet for my Ate Joyce) will now be away from home
since she’s now an employed young woman which is equated with intermittent
outfit shoots together. Kudos to you my big sister for landing a job in no time!
I’m assuming I’ll get a monthly share of your salary (fingers crossed, haha!).
Going back to the main subject, this would be the start of our solo outfit posts.
By injecting a personal touch, you would get to know us better individually. 
I’m on my last year as a student and I will definitely seize every moment.
I’m currently working on my thesis which preoccupies me a lot but no worries,
I’ll see to it that I’d keep you posted guys. I think you just have to bear with me
and my often haggard face because I’ll be the regular blogger here
and I have the right to rant and vent out each time I want to. LOL ☺
Being back to school means being back with A-Fash! And since we are allowed
not to wear our uniforms on the first weeks, we took the opportunity to dress-up.
We decided to have the Preppy style as our first theme which
perfectly fits the back-to-school vibe!
This school girl skirt says it all. I received a lot of compliments
on my outfit, especially this skirt. ☺
I really hope you enjoyed your first few days in school as much as I did.
One last thing - don’t be afraid of changes, after all it’s an opportunity to grow
and discover new things. ❤

On Didi: head-to-toe thrifted; LOVE bracelet, Sassy Pink iDesign by JuvyBee; wooden beads bracelet, Rainbow Tropics; watch, Guess
 photo Signature_Didi_zpswfablnrx.jpg

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