Oh Summer!

Hooray for summer! School’s officially over for Joyce who just graduated last Saturday.
Meanwhile, Didi will have her internship this April which means that we have to make
the most out of our free time together. We’re currently in our hometown
pigging out, pampering ourselves, watching chick flicks, straining our eyes
by reading good books, and bonding with our family. 
These photos are for A-Fash's project with Reuben Malimban, an amateur
photographer based in Naga City. It was really fun working with him for he knows
how to tolerate our crazy antics. He’s very professional and he really knows
how to capture the best moments as evidently seen in these photographs. 
We sported the pin-up look minus the hair and make-up.
We badly want to swim after the shoot yet we didn’t do so because
we still had a couple of commitments at school that day. Hopefully we’d be able
to publish several summer outfit posts on the coming days. ❤
Didi: “I modified this corset top from Fièvre to make it appear sexier.”
Since we won’t be together often anymore because the elder sister
will soon be battling in the real world accomplishing the things on her bucket list one at a time,
there will be major changes in this blog. Frances and Flair will stand the test of time
and will go the distance. To our warmhearted readers who constantly ask us about this matter,
we will still continue blogging as sisters. We’re very passionate about this that a million miles
could never stop us from doing so. Thank you so much for all the love and support!
Words are never enough to express how grateful we are to have the best readers in the world.
We hope to inspire you more in the coming years. ❤

On Didi: Corset top, Fièvre; hipster shorts, thrifted; pumps, Rusty Lopez; skull bracelet, Sassy Pink iDesign by JuvyBee; blue and white braided bracelet, Skull|Tape Clay Accessories; neon blue bracelet,Kikay’s Kit; nautical braided bracelet, Clarissa’s Arm Candy
On Joyce: vintage romper, thrifted; “Love” necklace, Skull|Tape Clay Accessories; peep-toe heels, thrifted; mustache ring, Fashion for Less

 photo Signature_JoyceampDidi_zps5png4znz.jpg

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