A Skirt Story

Skirts are carefree clothing; they are the type that liberate us from the constraints
of tight jeans, legwear, and the like. Talking about liberation, we were set free
from our regular stressful classes last Thursday because of Ateneo de Naga’s semestral
Alternative Class Program. It’s a day we always anticipate because we get to choose a topic
we would participate in plus the big perk is you’d meet awesome
speakers of their respective expertise.
We chose the talk entitled I DREAM to blog the clutches and blotches of my everyday life”
by our fellow Bicolana fashion blogger, Ate Daf Benosa of Metamorphosis.
We were really delighted that we finally met her because she’s one of our fave
fashion enthusiasts. She comments often on our outfit posts which always makes our day.
Ate Daf is indeed someone to look up to - charming, intelligent, and very humble.
Thanks Ate Daf for the knowledge you have shared to us; we would definitely live them out. ☺
Our A-Fash sisters Pam and Danica were also in the session and
we were all smiles after Ate Daf’s inspiring talk. It’s really a great thing that we
have already established a bond with these ladies who share the same interests.
Connections like this really matter to us.☺
Joyce: “Notice how I mixed and matched varied pieces in my outfit. 
Take risks. Fashion risks, specifically. It’s a way of exhibiting your creative juices.”
Didi: “The busy print on my skirt was fittingly paired 
with a plain top for the whole outfit to appear pleasantly simple.”
Summer’s fast approaching and we can’t wait to have more posts to share with you.
We hope you guys also savor your “I am free!” moments but be reminded
that you should never abuse it. ❤

On Joyce: head-to-toe thrifted; arm party, Sassy Pink iDesign by JuvyBee; envelope bag, Sam’s Station
On Didi: top and flats, thrifted; paisley-print skirt, Uhhhkay-Ukay; collar necklace, Yen’s Butingthings; bag (Joyce’s), Nine West; oversized lioness ring, Folded and Hung

 photo Signature_JoyceampDidi_zps5png4znz.jpg

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