Earthlings and Earth Tones

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It was one of our "overdressed for ADNU washday" days when we sported our respective outfits. However, we have already mastered the we-don’t-care-about-your-stares attitude but as always, still in a light and composed aura. 


The elder sister, Joyce, failed to make it in the A-Fash's group shot coz she left early for an important seminar to attend to. We proceed to our outfit details. ☺

DSC 6124
On Joyce: head-to-toe thrifted; envelope bag, Sam’s Station
DSC 6149
collar necklace, Yen’s Butingthings
DSC 6131
Citizen vintage watch (Didi’s), aunt’s hand-me-down; bangles, Guess
Joyce: “Decided to add a pop of color to my ensemble with this envelope bag from Sam’s Station for it to somehow have a youthful vibe coz I feel like I look too mature in my outfit.”

DSC 6138

DSC 6156
On Didi: top and shoes, thrifted; over-sized pants, Uhhhkay-Ukay
Didi: “My pants are from my good friend, Roz. It’s really a head-turner.”

DSC 6177

Didi: “You may notice how often we use our necklaces from Personalized Accessories. It’s solely because they instantly add the right attitude to an outfit.”

DSC 6176
chained bracelet, Clarissa’s Arm Candies; skull bracelet, Sassy Pink iDesign by JuvyBee
DSC 6178
belt, mom’s hand-me-down
DSC 6171
ring, Braccialetto Filipina; bag, thrifted
DSC 6161

Didi: “This pair is currently my favorite!” 

What do you guys think about our outfits? You can still join our giveaway here. ❤

Thanks Yen for taking the photos!  ☺


Joyce and Didi
 photo coloredbyme___prppr_by_drache_lehre_d5m5xky_by_pastel_bunbun-d5mkitu_zps64207612.png

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