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We went to a lunch party at a family friend’s residence in our hometown. We seldom shoot in our locality and posing in front of our house was kinda awkward coz some people in the neighborhood immediately planted their curious stares on us. Not to mention mom and dad were spectators too and they were mimicking our poses! Old people nowadays! LOL 

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Above are our staple pieces that day - our customized shorts courtesy of The Chic Project. We love how unique the designs are plus they’re really stylish and comfy to wear! You guys should check out their page for more pretty clothes! If you wanna have personalized shorts as well and have a couple of questions in mind, you can send them a message and we assure you that they will respond in a heartbeat. Yep that’s a hyperbole! Kidding aside, they do have a great team who will entertain your inquiries asap.☺  
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On Joyce: sheer top and sandals, thrifted; customized shorts, The Chic Project
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DSC 6057
mirrored arrow down necklace,  Personalized Accessories
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Joyce: “I love these bracelets from Clarissa’s Arm Candies coz they can easily be paired with any outfit. Thanks sis Clarissa for sending us some of your pretty pieces!”

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DSC 6011
On Didi: sheer top and silver flats, thrifted; customized shorts, The Chic Project
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glittered arrow down necklace, Personalized Accessories
DSC 6022
 aztec ring, Kikay’s Kit; anchor bracelet and handcuffs bracelet, Sassy Pink iDesign by JuvyBee
DSC 6017
 nail polish: Cherries on the Snow by Revlon
DSC 6025

Didi: “I love how my Personalized Accessories necklace matched my sequined silver flats. PA does wonders as usual!” 

Big thanks to our not-so-little-anymore sister Frances Kiana for taking the photos! Your photography skills are improving. We love you Kia! 

Hope you guys had a great day. ❤


Joyce and Didi
 photo coloredbyme___prppr_by_drache_lehre_d5m5xky_by_pastel_bunbun-d5mkitu_zps64207612.png

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