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Just recently, I photographed my dearest friends after their yearbook creative shoot. As you might have read on our past blog posts, I am to graduate already this March. Oh how time really flies so fast. I make sure that my remaining months here in Ateneo de Naga are truly worthwhile and productive.

One of my inclinations is photography. Apart from being the subject in pictures often, I consider it an advantage to be skilled in taking them as well because by doing so, you get to see the intimate spaces of things, of people. Photos are very powerful - they amplify, convey, attract, seduce, entice, move, or even cause pain. To capture moments is simply amazing and it’s the major reason why I always try to be better at photography. To capture is like having the power of freezing time. 

CSC 5046


DSC 5131

DSC 5021

DSC 5125

DSC 5137
The model is my friend Sandi who happens to be a jack of all trades, too. We’ve been friends since highschool and she’s one of the few people whom I truly trust; we can talk about just anything and she really gives the best advices. Go follow her blog - she is more than just a pretty face!
What do you guys think about the photos? I would really appreciate healthy criticism. ☺

Love love,


 photo coloredbyme___prppr_by_drache_lehre_d5m5xky_by_pastel_bunbun-d5mkitu_zps64207612.png

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