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 - OMG we can’t find the right words to say! You are the sweetest! And oh, you’re tall and beautiful, model material, indeed. Pursue fashion blogging, be passionate about it and bear in mind that fashion need not be expensive because you are already expensive, you are precious. You are an inspiration to others as well and we feel overjoyed that we have readers like you. We hope to meet you in person someday and have a shoot together, yes? ☺ Thank you so much for this heartwarming message. And yes sweetie, we love you too!  ❤


 - You don’t know how much your sweet messages mean to us. We feel really humbled that you look up to us. Keep in touch sweetie! Feel free to hit us up for advices or for mere girl talks. Thank you so much, too. And you’re welcome! Always be happy, beautiful. Love, Ate Joyce and Ate Didi ❤

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