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As promised, here’s the second set of photos during the Modeling 101 and Personality Development Workshop which we have recently busied ourselves with. We had a worthwhile experience with lovely, talented, and warmhearted people to whom we are really grateful for mainly because we learned a lot from them. People like them motivate us to pursue our endeavors and to keep holding our head up high despite pitfalls along the way.

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That’s our lovely Ate Juvy, the owner of our favorite accessories and clothing shop - Sassy Pink iDesign by JuvyBee. She’s so skilled in making accessories plus we really admire her so much for her innate kindness. How we wish she’s really our elder sister in real life! Thanks Ate Juvy for being so nice and for sharing your passion to us! Stay beautiful inside and out! ❤

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On Didi: dress, Koreana Shop; necklace, Personalized Accessories; heels, Rusty Lopez
On Joyce: dress, Koreana Shop; necklace, Personalized Accessories; heels (Didi’s), thrifted
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How do you like our make-up? We did it on our own during the make-up session as one of the offerings of the said workshop.

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Many thanks also to our purdy friend and co-fashion blogger Yen Borile for taking the photos. We’re glad that she also attended the event; ‘twas indeed another awesome bonding moment for us girl friends. ❤

How are you guys doing? We’d love to hear from you! ☺

Sweet regards,

Joyce and Didi
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