Mr. and Mrs. V


The A-Fash's theme this week was vintage-inspired. It was the elder sister, Joyce, who actually suggested it and good thing the ladies agreed. By the way, yesterday was Frances and Flair's second monthsary (LOL yes we celebrate it :D). It has been two beautiful months with each one of you our dear readers; let's journey together even to old-age. Yes, we definitely desire to blog through the years. Wouldn't it be wonderful to have outfit posts with our respective future husbands and kids? That is, in the distant future. We utterly have no plans to be young mommas, you know. :D

DSC 9964

Scarf prints are making its comeback recently. It has become a summer wardrobe trend wherein its acme was still way back the 1950s-1960s. You see, trends just come and go then come back again so it’s not a must to always wear trendy clothes. You would step it up a notch if you invent and reinvent or better yet, be the trendsetter yourself. ☺

DSC 9818
On Didi: scarf print top, skort, and bag, all thrifted; peep-toe wedge, gift from grandma Mommy Nia
DSC 9843
collar necklace (Joyce’s), Yen’s Butingthings
DSC 9847
Pearl hairpins, gift from Aunt Mommy Ting
Didi: “My friends got so amazed about how I embedded these pearls on my bun. They’re actually hairpins. You can go make your own in a tutorial we found HERE.”

DSC 9835
belt (Joyce’s), hand-me-down from Mom
DSC 9851
cocktail ring, Yen’s Butingthings; nail art by Didi
DSC 9825

DSC 9901
On Joyce: scarf print top and top-sider, thrifted; wool shorts, gift from Didi
Revelation: The top-sider which is good as new because of its authentic leather was bought only at Php 100!

DSC 9912

Joyce: “In case you’re wondering about what lipstick I used, it’s Lancome in L’absolu Rouge #252.”

DSC 9909
collar necklace (Didi’s), Yen’s Butingthings
DSC 9921
spike ring, Fashion for Less; Citizen watch (Didi’s), hand-me-down from Aunt Mommy Ting; bag, Guess
DSC 9914

CSC 0008

DSC 9947
From L-R:  SofiaLheaChingYenAnnikaDanica, Didi and Joyce, Abby (blog under construction)
We are soooo delighted that the Ateneo Fashionistas is now many a number. We’re like a spreading disease, LOL! If you’re from Ateneo de Naga and is a fashion blogger/Lookbooker, feel free to TA us for us to include you in the group; we would be very glad to meet new friends and share our passion together.☺

DSC 9962

P.S. “Mr. and Mrs. V” because we ended up looking like a couple and our surname is Vasquez ☺

Best regards,

Joyce and Didi
 photo coloredbyme___prppr_by_drache_lehre_d5m5xky_by_pastel_bunbun-d5mkitu_zps64207612.png


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