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For the love of fashion and elegance, we’re always fond of browsing through different online shops on Facebook and just recently, we became acquainted to Braccialetto Filipina, a shop that offers a selection of sophisticated accessories at very affordable prices befittingly crafted for “Filipinas and Filipinas at heart.” 

Braccialetto is the Italian for “bracelet” and definitely, the shop offers not just mere arm adornments but intricate ones. Plus they have rings and necklaces, too.

Here are some of our faves:

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*all photos from Braccialetto Filipina
Remember that elegance need not be expensive. You will only look more than a million-dollar-worth if you know how to carry yourself well; bring on the confidence, darling! Visit Braccialetto Filipinaand let your sophistication be heightened! Their August collection will be released on Tuesday, August 14.


Joyce and Didi
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