Once Upon a Bun


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Hello awesome readers! We’re currently busying ourselves at school and as much as we want to wear such outfits in this post to our university, we can’t because of the dress code. The part we loathe the most is when security guards play “favorites”. There are those whom they still let in amidst the evident skimpy clothing. Okay, enough with the ranting.

Here are the outfit details: 

MG 0185
On Joyce: sheer top, thrifted; bandage skirt, SM Department Store
MG 0191

MG 0242
pearl necklace, gift
MG 0207
espadrilles, thrifted
MG 0218
On Didi: tank top and blazer, thrifted; shorts, Oxygen; shoes, Zoo York
MG 0234

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MG 0240

As you can see, we are of opposing clothing again yet the bun is similarly showcased. Bipolar days are on and the bun is the best hairdo because it spells effortlessly chic!

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Thanks so much to the adorable couple NJ and Kim Jay (cute combo of names, right?☺) for taking the photos. So how are your engagements lately? Stay happy and optimistic loves!


Joyce and Didi
 photo coloredbyme___prppr_by_drache_lehre_d5m5xky_by_pastel_bunbun-d5mkitu_zps64207612.png

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