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This is our first street style post. When we’re not in the mood to strut in heels, we resort to high-tops and lovely sneakers esp. when our classes require us to transfer from one building to another.

DSC 7563
On Joyce: cropped top, thrifted; jeans, Folded and Hung; hot pink high-tops, thrifted; cap, Ava’s; bag, Cosé
Joyce: “As usual, people at school stared at me from head to toe and random friends  repeatedly noticed how striking my shoes are. :D”

DSC 7614

DSC 7595
studded belt, Folded and Hung (Didi’s)
DSC 7569
oversized ring, Folded and Hung
DSC 7590

DSC 7476

DSC 7493
On Didi: tattered shirt, thrifted; jeans, Folded and Hung; shoes, Zoo York; bag, Jaina’s 
DSC 7516

Didi: “I love the edgy vibe of this shirt. :)”

DSC 7501
leather band, Tomato

DSC 7508
watch, Swatch
DSC 7499

DSC 7616

And for our upcoming post with our new fashionista friends at school, here’s a teaser:

DSC 7280

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Joyce and Didi
 photo coloredbyme___prppr_by_drache_lehre_d5m5xky_by_pastel_bunbun-d5mkitu_zps64207612.png

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