The Woman, The Little Girl

MG 0065
Just last night, our über adorable friend NJ informed us that she’s in Naga City, which is a rare thing ‘coz she resides in Albay. We asked her if she could photograph us for an outfit post and as expected, she didn’t turn us down. She even brought her guy Kim Jay with us and together they clicked away. 
MG 0073
We did this at around 11am that’s why the scorching heat of the sun is very evident.
MG 0088
On Joyce: top, thrifted; polka bandage skirt, Redhead; faux snakeskin pumps, thrifted
MG 0035
polka dot bangle, grandma’s gift
MG 0027
Joyce: “I bought this pair for only Php200. Steal, right? ;)”
MG 0037
On Didi: dress, Hollister; jelly wedges, Landmark
MG 0053
MG 0056
multi-purpose band, Didi’s DIY
MG 0054
Didi: “It did not come up to me immediately that my outfit here consists of lovely bows. :)”
MG 0084
We hope you guys had a great day. Happy Independence Day Philippines! :)

 photo Signature_JoyceampDidi_zps5png4znz.jpg

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