Late Post: University Dress Up Day 2012

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Joyce: “As the title obviously says, this is a late blog post all because when these photos were taken, we have no fashion blog yet. This was way back four months ago when my hair was still long and blonde.”
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We’re sorry for the medium quality of the photos ‘coz we only downloaded them from Facebook. For unknown reasons, we can’t find the raw copies from our laptops. 
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On Didi: silver blazer, DKNY; inner lace cami, thrifted; skirt, Folded and Hung; brooch, grandma’s; peep-toe pumps, Primadonna
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bracelet, F2M
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On Joyce: top, thrifted; bandage skirt, SM Department Store; pumps, thrifted; belt, Mom’s 
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bag, Ate Joy’s; watch, Guess
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We’re looking forward for the next University Dress Up Day here in Ateneo de Naga University and we certainly will post our outfits immediately.
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