Bluer than Blue

Joyce: “Just this morning at around 7am, I woke up to Didi’s high-pitched voice telling me to overdress for school (coz she is!) as she showed me her outfit. Well I think I am not overdressed in this get-up. I just decided to wear a lighter shade of blue compared to hers.”
DSC 6624
DSC 6629
Joyce: “I adore this round lighting effect created by the trees at the Arrupe building in our university and that’s a signature duck face I often pull off effectively.”
DSC 6598
On Joyce: top, thrifted; jeans, Von Dutch; gladiator flats, Alain Tonoowski; bag, grandma’s hand-me-down (Didi’s)
DSC 6601
DSC 6603
ring, Divisoria
DSC 6608
Joyce: “I often get random toe stares from people each time I wear this pair of shoes.”
DSC 6577
On Didi: polka top, thrifted; skinny belt, thrifted; collar necklace, Yen’s Butingthings; bag, gift; jelly wedges, Landmark
DSC 6586
nail art, one of Didi’s blast of creativity
DSC 6581
watch, bazaar in Singapore
DSC 6579
Didi: “I love this collar necklace from our friend and fellow fashion blogger, Yen. You should visit her fab online shop, Yen’s Butingthings. :)”
DSC 6589
Didi: “The color and lace thingy of this bag made me fall for it instantly!”

Thank you so much for all the wonderful feedback we get through Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter. We promise to post more beautiful things in here. We hope you had a wonderful day, not something bluer than blue. :)

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