So this is me publishing a summer-themed post on a 'ber' month. Hey, it's still hot even if the Christmas season started already, and this is not just a bikini post ..... you have to read at the very end to know what this is really all about (reasons).
You can definitely count me in if the trip involves a beach or a pool! If you'll ask me what's my top travel destination, that would be Bali and Maldives - I just love the ocean. Because of my deep relationship with the waters, I'm always in search for a figure-hugging bikini. Luckily, I found one from CouCou. My first bikini pair from CouCou was brought from a bazaar. I posted a lot of pictures with it on my Instagram and the gorgeous owner loved it, she sent me another pair. What I love about this bikini is that it's made of quality neoprene material - making it delightfully wearable without worrying if your body parts will slip on the wrong places. You should check out CouCou on Instagram coz these neoprene babies are on sale!

With my recent beach trips at Mercedes, Caramoan and Calaguas, I also need to keep up with my skin color. Of course going to the beach would include being under the sun. But don't get me wrong, I  have no problems with enjoying Mr. Sun however I have to maintain my skin's health and hydration as well. How do I maintain it? By having a lot of sleep, drinking a lot of water and of course choosing the right skin care products like Cognoa.

My trusted and recommended Cognoa Products are: Glutathione and  Collagen soap (P198) which has anti-aging ingredients that maintains healthy and youthful skin. It also restores and maintains the skin's elasticity and moisture. The Kojic and Papaya soap (P188) which helps whiten skin and lightens freckles, skin discoloration, sun spots, age spots, melasma and other skin pigmentation.
For a total maintenance, I also take care of your skin from within - they also have Glutathione plus Collagen capsules (P1,688). It has sodium ascorbate which is a potent antioxidant that can help rejuvenate aged and photo damaged skin. Plus, L-Cysteine which is an amino acid needed to create Glutathione. It works hand-in-hand with Omega-3 to protect brain health as well! The 3-in-1 skin care kit of Cognoa is just for P2,000. You can contact my friend and direct seller for Cognoa International Inc., Ms. Agnes Botor at 09989808949.

I hope you find this post helpful! Comment down below!

What I'm wearing: neoprene bikini, CouCou; jogger shorts, Calee Shoppe, aviators, Forever 21
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Nearly a year ago, I have introduced in a previous post the powerhouse of Avenue Plaza Hotel's kitchen - executive chef Rudy Velasco and pastry chef Paul Oraa. Being the forefront of the hotel industry in the Bicol Region, Avenue Plaza Hotel has brought home these two exceptional chefs to share their international prestige and expertise to all of their valued clients.
With Avenue Plaza Hotel's passion for excellence and goal to provide nothing but the best to its customers, they will now offer a new ala carte menu and an afternoon tea buffet. Their latest culinary offers from Café Plazuela will be launched on September 8, 2015 - just in time for the upcoming Peñafrancia Festival.
We, the Bicol Bloggers together with the Nagayon team, were very fortunate to have been invited for an exclusive Chef's table dinner for the launch of Café Plazuela's new ala carte menu. The interior of Café Plazuela is beyond beautiful - complete with the colorful dimmed lights, comfy seats, and elegant table setting. This is one of the best places to have fine dining with your family and friends, when celebrating a momentous occasion, or just having a date with your partner. Also, an organ and violin music will top off your lovely experience!
Now let's get to the stars of Café Plazuela - their latest culinary offers are flavorful and carefully crafted and will instantly tease your taste buds. Below are the dishes served to us and will be part of their newest menu:

You can choose to have a soup, an appetizer (cold/hot entrees), or a salad for starters. For the cold entrees, the Scottish Smoked Salmon Melba and Cold Cuts Harmony were served to us. The Scottish Smoked Salmon Melba (as seen on the above left photo) are thinly sliced smoked salmon, accompanied by a salad of baby greens, served with capers, lemon, wedge, and Melba Toast. The Cold Cuts Harmony (as seen on the above right photo) is a combination of ham, salami, and lyoner sausage on top of mesclun of lettuce which is served with horseradish and mustard sauce.
For the hot entree, I particularly loved the Gambas Ala Venetian. The prawns are rich in meat and very flavorful. Being a seafood lover, this is definitely my favorite!

Seen on the right photo is the Luxurios Crab Louise - a savory crabmeat and ripe mango salad rolled in thin crepes and served with lightly spiced cocktail sauce.
Of course, a Classic Caesar Salad will never be out of the list. A colorful combination of crunchy garlic croutons, anchovy fillet, crispy bacon, shaved Parmesan cheese, iceberg and romaine lettuce, tossed in Caesar dressing
One can choose to have seafood, meat/poultry, or pasta for the main dish. Above is a photo of the Seafood Medley - a blend of prawns, salmon, and mackerel fillet, wrapped in crepes, served with jasmine rice and vegetable strips. A total fusion of seafood flavors!

The Pan-Seared Chicken Supreme (as seen on the above left photo) is a dish of combined unique ingredients. The chicken breast is stuffed with mango and glazed with Martini and apricot. It's served with green rice and sauteed vegetables.
Being the home of the best and authentic steaks in Naga, you have to definitely try their steaks fresh from the grill! The Australian Tenderloin Steak is cooked to perfection then served with mashed potato and vegetable sides with your choice of starch and sauce. Of course, don't forget to combine it with red wine!

I was already full by the time I finished my main dish, but as they say "There's always room for desserts" so we satisfied our sweet tooth with Green Tea Souffle with Crystallized Oranges and Cappuccino Chocolate Cheesecake. Below is the Green Tea Souffle, a delightfully light tea-flavored oven-baked custard with orange segments.
I ended my meal with the Cappuccino Chocolate Cheesecake (below photo). Its rich, smooth, and tangy combination of cream cheese and Irish coffee made me want to have another slice. It is served with strawberry coulis which perfectly balances the flavors of the cream cheese and coffee. This is heaven for me! Haha!
The dishes above are just part of the whole ala carte menu. They also offer soups, Filipino delicacies, sandwiches and burgers, pastas and even pizzas. Prize ranges: Appetizers P180 to P350; Soups P180 to P240; Salad P280 to P380; Grilled meat P1200 to P1400; Poultry and meat P450 to P700; Fish and shellfish P420 to P720; Pasta P320 to P400; Oriental flavors P320 to P500; Sandwiches and burgers P340 to P450; Le pizze P400 to P600; Vegetarian dishes P210 to P220; and Desserts P280 to P300.

With the whole gastronomic experience and the VIP treatment of the hotel staff, you will definitely get your money's worth! Hands down to the award-winning culinary team of Café Plazuela!

Experience these exquisite cuisines on September 8, 2015! Visit Avenue Plaza Hotel's Café Plazuela now at Magsaysay Avenue, Naga City! For inquiries and reservations call (63 54) 473 9999 or (63 02) 250 8088.

Thank you very much to the management of Avenue Plaza Hotel for inviting us.
Photos are from Nick Pahati.

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How liberating it is to wear loose-fitting clothes on a sunny day! It's a major plus that these shift dresses give that effortlessly chic vibe without compromising comfort. We've been big fans of the minimalist classy style and it's such a delight that we found this fetching online shop on Instagram, Tela.
At first glance, their pretty clothing will give you the impression that you'll impulsively splurge yet again...but once in a while, you end up gaping at the simplest things - Tela's one of them.
These photos are part of the sets we had from our collab with Eli as mentioned in this previous blog post. It's been quite a while since we had our last blog shoot together that we had to brush up on our 'double-posing' skills. Thanks to Eli who's been really cool and professional things went smoothly!
These Tela pieces are now considered favorites! You can take these from a day to night ensemble with no sweat, literally and figuratively!
If you're always after class and comfort, Tela is definitely your go-to online shop! We have a few more sets to post featuring this shop but in the meantime, follow them on Instagram HERE.

On Didi: shift dress,Tela; gold-capped flats, Parisian; layered necklace, Pretty Little Blings
On Joyce: shift dress,Tela; sling bag, Forever 21; kitten heels, Rusty Lopez
Credits toEli Arcefor the photos.
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