For us to have a taste of the world-famous Tugawe Cove Resort in Caramoan, the owners decided to bring their own brand to Naga. Vibrant, relaxing, and commendable - are three words that describe the newly opened Tugawe Cove Café.
What started as a privately-owned resort in Caramoan, grew into one of the most visited tourist destination in Camarines Sur. Caramoan's stunning natural beauty, partnered with the resort's amenities and services, gives Tugawe Cove Resort it's entitlement to be called as a 'paradise'. This is also true to their café which is now located at Robinsons Place Naga. The café's interior undoubtedly promotes nature and tranquility. They incorporated refreshing tones of green and brown - giving Tugawe Cove Café a very chill vibe.
The small details inside the café gives homage to the local industry - the ceiling is adored by handmade native lamps, the chairs and tables are made with rustic wood, and the display shelf is designed with coconut shell tiles.

Of course our visit won't be complete without trying the menu. Tugawe Cove Café offers sandwiches, pasta, rice plates, waffles, and beverages. Pictured below is their Greek Panini (P120) and the gorgeously plated Breakfast in Bed (P120). Mind you, they taste as good as they look!

One thing I love as well is that they also bake their own breads - guaranteed fresh and yummy!
They also gave our famous Bicolano dishes a twist - pictured above is the Laing Mac (P150) and below is the Bicol Express Cannelloni (P150). My personal fave is the Laing Mac, I never thought putting laing and pasta together would taste that good. 😉

We capped our dining experience with trying Dulce de Leche Pineapple Waffles (P120). I was actually surprised that pineapples can be perfectly paired with waffles. Just look how tempting it is.
Of course, I wouldn't miss the chance of taking my #OOTD shot on their lovely wall art. Hahaha! 😂 I actually planned to look 'beachy' on this day - glad that my colors coordinated well with the café.

You might think that dining at Tugawe Cove Café is expensive, but NO - their prices are at the average and their meals are worth it. Price Range for the food is from P120 to P180 and P80 to P130 for the beverages.

We would like to thank their management for inviting Bicol Bloggers. We will definitely be back to try more!
Café Hours: Open Daily from 10AM to 9PM.
Location: GF Al Fresco Dining - Robinsons Place Naga, Roxas Avenue, Corner Almeda Highway, Brgy. Triangulo, Naga City

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Bicol's economy has been booming for the past years and it would be no doubt if investors came rushing to bring their businesses to the south. Just in time for the annual Peñafrancia Festival, a new mall rises in the heart of Bicol - Robinsons Place Naga finally opened last August 15. As expected, Bicolanos were wowed with the mall's hotel-like interior and the variety of retail stores, restaurants and entertainment facilities it has to offer. The mall's look focuses on indigenous materials or local products such as the iconic pili nut and gabi leaves to promote the rich Bicolano culture. All of these are incorporated to the mall's design - from the trash bins, pebbled floor, doodled pillars and up to its fancy ceilings.

Robinsons Place Naga is a one-stop shop destination and here are a few things to do when you visit:

1. Shop. Shop. Shop.

Robinsons offers a lot of local and international shops that Bicolanos can now access easily. Some of the international brands I'm personally excited about are Uniqlo and Payless. More than that, Robinsons also give patronage to local brands and businesses who are stepping up their game in providing their products and services.

2. Relax and dine at Al Fresco.
Enjoy the fresh air and wait for the afternoon sun to shine at the mall's open space which features stalls and communal area. Some restos to dine at the Al Fresco are Choobi-Choobi, Hap Chan, Kenny Rogers, Moonleaf, JPY Juan, Chef Mama, Triboo Grill, Tugawe Cove Cafe, BonChon, Turks Shawarma, Shakeys, Bob Marlin, and more. As the night follows, wait for the 'Tree of Life' - an imposing 15-meter sculpture by Jefre Manuel, be adorned with dancing lights which makes it a sight to be seen.

3. Share stories over a feast at the Food Gallery.
 They say that Naga is a food-destination and I can totally attest to that! People here would rather eat out because restos are offering great food selections for a lesser price. Robinsons' Food Gallery won't be an exemption. This 300-seater foodcourt offers budget-friendly food choices. Of course, you would need to fill your stomach after a long day of shopping. 😉 You can try Naga's home-grown businesses such as Smokey Minaluto, Naga Garden, and Ice Blinkers at the Food Gallery. However, if you find yourself a little hungry between your shopping walks, food stalls are also scattered on each mall levels - try looking for the Famous Belgian Waffle, TK Takoyaki, the ultimate favorite Potato Corner, and many more.

4. Have a local gastronomic experience.
You won't cap your Bicol-experience without trying Biggs and Crown Park. These two proud Bicolano brands offers two different tastes that are both close to our hearts. Biggs has been known for their big crispy chicken and house-blend iced tea. While Crown Park tickles our love for Chinese food. Best recommendation to try at Crown Park: Pancit Guisado paired with their famous Hungma bread!

5. Get a world-class movie experience at Movieworld.
I'm excited as everyone else when they announced that Robinsons' Movieworld will have six cinemas to cater to movie-addicts such as myself. Hahaha! This 1,500-seater cinema will have 5 of which for 2D movies and one for 3D. Comfy seats, a surround sound system and a big screen is all we want - all of these are inside Robinsons' Movieworld.

6. Go gaga over cute home decors.
Am I the only one gets giddy over cute home decors, organizers, and what nots? Hahaha. Yeah, I'm that girl who spends hours on debating if I should get a stylish frame or a cute vase for my little home. 😂 My priorities have changed and my stress reliever is doing window shopping inside the department store home goods section - #adulting. Robinsons Department Store has been my total interior goals lately. If you are like me who wants to decorate their home/room, you will totally love the great selection they have. And oh, Robinsons also have Daiso Japan which my thrifty-heart loves so much. You can find cute and unique stuff inside Daiso - that place is heaven for a 'budgetarian' like me.

7. Find the latest gadgets at Digiworld.
 For the techie readers, Digiworld offers the latest gadgets and accessories. You can find Sync Apple Reseller, Samsung, Oppo Mobile, ASUS, Huawei and many more are the third level of the mall.

8. Pamper yourself at the Wellness Zone.
 Spas, nail and beauty salons are located at Robinsons' Wellness Zone. We visited Dermcare - one of Philippines' leading skin, hair and wellness centers. They offer services that help its clients feel and look good such as therapeutic facials, luxurious spa and massage, body scrubs, skin services, and more. It is a total center for wellness and beauty!

9. Enjoy mall shows and activities at the spacious Mall Atrium.
  Robinsons' activity area is perfect for any events. With it's 2,000+ floor area and the 360 degree view on each floor level, it can accommodate a large number of audience. On top of that, the whole area is lighted by the famous gabi (taro) leaves ceiling design which gives a fresh sight to the eyes.

10. And lastly, the 'tita' in all of us will surely find something at Robinsons Supermarket.
 Replenish your pantry by the doing the usual weekly groceries at Robinsons Supermarket. Someone I know joked that they are being hypnotized by the jingle: "...fill your basket, at Robinsons Supermarket...." 🎶 Hahaha! 😂 Hypnotized by the catchy song or not, I just personally love the great discounts and selections they have. 😉

Hope this post helps you on what to expect inside the newly opened Robinsons Place Naga.
I'll bet you'll see me around doing some window shopping, so see you there! 😉

Mall Hours: Open Daily from 10AM to 9PM.
Location: Roxas Avenue, Corner Almeda Highway, Brgy. Triangulo, Naga City
List of Mall Tenants as of August 14, 2017: Click here.

Photos from and Robinsons Place Naga's Facebook Page.

Calling out all '90s kids and fans! This year's Make Your Own Havaianas is all about the funky, playful, and colorful millennia that we all love! Talk about being nostalgic to the days we went gaga over Jolina that even her fashion sense is our ultimate #goals. Who remembers owning those butterfly hair clips that Jolina was famous for? We surely had a ton of those.

Last May 19, we were invited for an exclusive look at the #MYOH2017, and boy it's as if we stepped into a time machine that brought us back to the '90s! It's the total #FlashbackFriday - just look at the venue set-up complete with our favorite snacks and treats (yay for MikMik and HawHaw). The photo booth was decorated with the '90s icons and let's not forget the family computer where we enjoyed our all-time favorite arcade games. Of course, the highlight of the event is designing our very own Havaianas flip-flop, I went with a classic nude slippers that I can pair to any outfit. It was super fun and I really had a great time!

You can also create your funkiest combinations of soles, straps, and pins at All Flip-Flops SM City Naga on May 25 to 28, 2017. There will be a lot of styles to choose from - I heard there would be glow in the dark straps and 3D printed pins! Exciting!

To help you out, here are the three easy steps to create your own Havaianas:

See you there Havianaticos! Be sure to bring your creativity and revive the '90s kid in you!

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