Have you ever excitedly bought something but ended up hating it because the product didn't work for you? More often than not, situations like this happens when we get enticed by a marketing ad or someone we know recommended the product or we felt the itch to buy it since it's all over Facebook or Instagram. I'm definitely guilty to all given scenarios. 😂
I have stumbled upon Sample Room earlier this year and basically they promote the "Try before you buy" concept for consumers like us. Sample Room is a beauty, health and lifestyle digital sampling and review website. It is the first and only website in the Philippines that combines the service of sampling and digital media campaigns.
This type of set-up is beneficial to us as we won't take a risk at a full-sized product that may not work or may give us an allergic reaction. Relying on reviews alone might not be enough as we really need to try it onto ourselves. I had this personal experience where I bought an expensive face serum since it has good reviews online. Unfortunately, it did not work for me and it caused a lot of my breakouts. It's such a waste of money.
This is what Sample Room is all about - it offers us a chance to road test the product we are interested in purchasing. Sample Room Members experience the product and decide after finishing a sample size if the product is right for them. More so, reviews from other Sample Roommates who have the same skin type as yours are posted on the site. We will get to enjoy our purchase, as it is a well-reasearched and well-informed one. We will definitely get the value of our money! 😍
Once you sign up, you will get points in which you'll use to get your desired sample. Basically, you get a product by just signing up! 💕 Too good to be true, right? The catch is, you are obliged to make reviews based on the rules given by Sample Room. Mind you, these rules aren't really hard to follow but you have to submit your review so your points will be returned and an additional 1 point will be given. Consequently, without points you cannot avail any of the samples.
Here's how it works:
1. Register. Being a member makes you qualified to get free samples from the website. You will create your profile and indicate your beauty preferences and details. Your profile will be helpful when you write your reviews as it shows your skin type, skin tone, and hair type.
2. Get free 100 points upon registration which you will use to get samples based on the sample roster that the site has.
3. Choose your sample. Your points is somehow your 'money' as each sample has given number of points for it to be availed.
4. Once you have your desired products, go check out and pay for the shipping fee and handling fee. Yes hun, only the samples are free, you have to shoulder the shipping fee which varies on the package weight and your location. You can ship a maximum of 3 products per transaction. It takes around 3-4 working days to ship within Manila and 4-7 working days outside Manila.
5. Receive your samples and have your product road-test ladies!
6. Rate and review each of the products you have choose to try at Sampleroom.ph
7. The Sample Room team will approve your review and you will earn 1 point as you rate/review each product you got. The more samples you review, the more points you get, and that means more samples to try.
Some products are valued greater than 100 points, and this is where your option to buy points comes in. You may opt to sign up as a VIP member where you have to pay P799 for a 1000 point credit or pay P1299 for a 2000 point credit. As you get a higher number of points by being a VIP member, you can avail more samples especially those valued at around 300 and up. More so, a 'mystery gift' will be included on your package which guarantees more than the amount you paid for. You may learn more about the VIP membership here.
Aside from the advantages mentioned, another good thing about Sample Room is you get to choose what items you would like to try. Comparing it to a subscription box, both parties guarantee us to receive more than what we paid for. However, a subscription box doesn't let us pick the items we like and some inclusions are not of our interest. For me, I can say that I get the value of my money if all items are of my interest and needs.
For those having second thoughts on signing up for a subscription box, Sample Room might be the one for you! 💕 Go on and give it a try!
If there’s a thing I love equally with make-up, that would be skincare. Those who know me personally can attest to the fact that I spend more on make-up and skincare more than clothes or food. 😂 My addiction to skincare started when I discovered the fine lines under my eyes and the sun spots I got due to the frequent beach trips. From then on, I was motivated to invest more in taking care of my skin~ I watched a lot of Youtube videos and got hooked in discovering the right products for my skin type.

Luckily, I stumbled upon RrawPH on Instagram. Their all-natural products, which are too good looking not to be noticed, caught my attention. 😍 More than their minimal packaging, the products inside are beautifully hand made with pure natural ingredients, paraben free, and non-toxic. Apart from that, RrawPH is proudly Pinoy and locally born in Iloilo. 🇵🇭 I’m definitely up to anything local and organic so I partnered with them to try two of their best selling products.
Double cleansing and exfoliation is important specially for people like me who wears make up everyday. The last thing I like to happen is having clogged pores, which would definitely end up being a zit, so I make sure I double cleanse everyday and exfoliate every 2 or 3 times a week. I was so giddy when the Vodka + Lime Crush is included on my RrawPH Package. This baby is a bomb! 💣A dual-purpose cleanser which aims to tone and exfoliate. It comes in a small white 50g tub and the product itself looks like the inside of a dragon fruit. I usually use this after a tiring gym session. The texture is creamy and the scent in not over powering, I can identify identify the scent of lime but not the vodka. The poppy seeds acts as the non-abrasive exfoliator which helps remove dead skin without stripping it too much. I just love how it leaves my face clean and yet moisturized.

Vodka helps to tighten and brighten the face and it also removes all the gunk in the pores to give a glowing skin. It also soothes irritation and refreshes skin in an instant. Lime, on the other hand, reduces bacteria which help lessen acne. It also removes dead skin which prevents clogged pores. Who would have thought that vodka and lime can also good for the skin? 😂

After doing cleansing and exfoliation, I prep my face with the RrawPH’s Cucumber Tonic Toner. My skin just loves drinking this! It easily absorbs within seconds and also helps my other skincare products to sip right into my face. The fresh scent of cucumber makes me love it even more. 💕 The Cucumber Toner comes with in a 50ml dropper-type container which I usually encounter with serums and essences. I love how travel-friendly it is, making it easier for me since I hate bringing bulky products when I travel. I just hope that they would change their current labels to a water resistant type. The prints on the current labels easily gets smudged up whet it gets wet. Other than that, I’m still in love with their minimal designs. ✨
Aside from the brand’s goal to keep their products all-natural, I also give them two thumbs up for being cruelty-free and environment-friendly. They even started an online donation for dogs, you may donate P20 or P40 upon check-out of your RrawPH product on their site. All funds will be donated to animal shelters this coming December! You can make our paw friends so happy! 🐶
Let me know on the comment section below what’s your current skincare fave? Would love to hear about them! 😊

Whenever I feel fed up by work, I always look for a quick escape. We may be different with our definition of relaxation, but for me a beach getaway will always be on top of my list. This is actually what we did a few weekends back. Our itch to be with the sea brought us to the southernmost tip of Luzon - Matnog, Sorsogon. This paradise is the jump-off point of ferries going to Northern Samar, but more to just being a gateway to Visayas, this humble place has so much beauty on its own.
The travel time from Naga to Sorsogon might be too much for some but it sure is worth it! Subic Beach is known for it's naturally painted pink sand attributed to the red corals in the area. During the mornings, little waves crash by the shore and it turns into a calm blanket by the afternoon. Its inviting aquamarine waters are so clear that we can see the sea bed when we kayaked a few meters away from the shore.

Just like Calaguas, you can stay at the beach front and you just chill, swim and eat. The island also has electricity and a network signal so you don't have to worry too much. 😉 Also, activities like snorkeling, swimming, beach volleyball and kayaking will keep you busy during your stay.

Outfit: Forever 21 bikini top: @sugarskins.ph; striped pants: Light in the Box

Apart from the pink shore, our day was also capped by a pink sunset. It was too beautiful that my photo doesn't give it justice.

As reference, below is a detailed 2D1N itinerary. Hope this helps!


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