There's nothing better than having a great cup of coffee in the morning. Have you once wondered the story behind your cup? I honestly didn't until we were invited to visit one of the newest cafés here in Naga - Single Ancestry. This café is living up to its name by exposing its customers to the origin of their products, focusing more on the star of the show - their specialty coffee.
 So what's the difference between specialty coffee and the regular coffee that we buy? First thing that we would notice is their packaging. Commercial coffee is already grounded and packed. Specialty coffee, on the other hand, is bought by bulk or by pounds of whole beans and needs to be ground before it is brewed.

What's so special about specialty coffee then? Since specialty coffees are brewed right in front of you, it gives more opportunity for consumers to participate in the creation of their pleasurable drink. Aside from the distinct taste of specialty coffees, it's also good for our health. Studies show that its health benefits include reduced risk of diabetes, Alzheimer's, dementia, and prevents various cancers.
I have learned a couple of things on coffee making during our visit. Each step of the process should be handled with the best possible care and knowledge. Coffee travels a long and complicated journey from farm to café. There are many things being considered from the start of growing and processing of the beans. Single Ancestry's baristas pointed out that the climate, altitude, and the crops around the coffee farms can affect the taste of the coffee. More than that, roasting, grinding, and brewing the coffee are also essential. Coffee brewing itself is a "science" that café baristas spend their lives studying about. One mistake and you will ruin the word 'specialty'.

Single Ancestry imports their coffee beans from Dubai. They offer a variety of coffee beans such as El Salvador Finca Bosque LYA, Ethiopian Rocko Mountain Reserved Haricha, and Brazillian Fazenda Ferrero. Customers can choose their most preferred brewing method for their caffeine fix. Their baristas will also give you a short coffee know-how for you to appreciate your drink a little more. They aim to improve Bicol's palate in coffee drinking. Price range would be from P100 to P150.
The café interior is a combination of black and white with a touch of earthly brown. The design gives an industrial feel and their walls are adorned by artworks of Naga's best artists (Hi friends! Haha.)

Aside from specialty coffee, they also have craft beers from Nipa Brew which are shipped out from Manila and all have distinct tastes that you should try! If you are not so much of a coffee guy, they also have the Starburst tea (left photo) that I have fallen in love with. I just have to say this in Filipino para intense - Super bango nya, promise! I don't usually like teas, but this one's an exemption.

Single Ancestry's head barista is Mark Kenneth Santos who already gained titles in his respective field. His trophies displayed inside the café is a testament to that. Let me just emphasize that - In this place, your drink will be prepared by people who take coffee seriously.
This café is for coffee lovers, coffee geeks, or just someone who wants to enjoy their cup with something a little extra like some coffee education. Visit them at Magsaysay Avenue, Naga City, just beside Petron gas station

Remember, before taking the first sip, take a second and appreciate the long journey your coffee has traveled. Take time to appreciate this delicate art.
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Oh Hi! I know it's been a while since I last blogged. Well, I have a lot of valid excuses but I would set them aside because I owe you a post that's worth reading. Haha! So here's our not-so-recent trip to one of the most visited art galleries - the Pinto Art Museum.
A few months back, I went to Manila for a business trip and of course I took the chance to visit my sister. We decided to do a 'laskwatsa'-weekend and the first thing that came up to mind is Pinto Art Museum since it has been on our "to-visit list" for quite sometime already.
We took an FX ride from SM Megamall and told the driver to drop us at Ynares Center (the fare would cost you P50). From Ynares, take a tricycle and ask the driver to take you to Grand Heights Subdivision or simply say to Pinto Art. The museum has been a popular destination and local drivers surely know its location.

Upon arrival, we went to the receiving area to pay for our entrance fees (P180 for adults; P150 for senior citizens; P100 for students). The 1.2 hectare property houses different collections of paintings, installations, and sculptures that will surely give you the "feels". Aside from the beautiful art pieces, the place itself is a piece of wonderland - wide windows that let the light in, antique beds and chairs everywhere, and a pop of green, blue or brown against the white walls.

The place is a quick escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Visitors can relax and be inspired by the art galleries, dine at the museum's cafés, or just take a lot of pictures (just like what we did, Haha).

Tip: Wear comfortable clothes so it would be easier for you to move around. If you would be visiting the place on a sunny day, make sure to stay hydrated.

It would also be nice if you will allot a whole day to explore the museum since there are tons of things to check out. In our case, we have to be home early since we got too exhausted by the heat. Sadly, we didn't get a chance to spend a little while longer. But nonetheless, we enjoyed the place and of course the FOOD!
Ohh, I've missed blogging and connecting with all of you. Have you visited Pinto yet? If yes, I'd love to know your experience on the comment box below. *wink*
On a different note, this is the first post on the blog as the short-haired me. What do you think, should I keep it this way?
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As the weather gets warmer, opting to wear comfortable clothes is a must. Lay off the tiis-ganda peg! What other item in your closet gives you such versatility and comfort other than your denims? It is one of the coolest (literally and figuratively) things both ladies and guys can own. Whenever I'm stuck in an "I have nothing to wear" dilemma, my trusted jeans and denims are always to the rescue. They're so easy to wear - one can go from casual, sporty, and chic. Here's a quick fashion post on my personal take on them:

What's your favorite denim item and how do you usually style it? I'd love to hear about it on the comment section below.
Photography by Nick Pahati.
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